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2018 - 2019

Tuesday 13th November


Nursery AM - 

Nursery PM - 

RMM - 

RCT - 

1VB - Lily and Gustas

1CP - Sorina and Bobby

2TR - Ikelouwa and Jack

2BC - Kevin and Mihran

3MA - Nasri and Vilius

3TW - 

4CL - 

4AL - 

5AA - 

5FK - Fatima and Sara 

6NB - 

Tuesday 6th November


Nursery AM - Rayan and Aisha

Nursery PM - Dylan and Samuel

RMM - Jaymie and Mia

RCT - 

1VB - Anita and Daryus

1CP - Oscar and Joel

2TR - Mithel and Aleks

2BC - Tiffany and Carl

3MA - Andreas and Allice

3TW - Alexandra and Alfie

4CL - 

4AL - 

5AA - Sara and Diana 

5FK - Lina and Thomas 

6NB - Dami and Ejiro

Tuesday 30th October 


Nursery AM - Grace and Tabitha

Nursery PM - Tijani and Oluwole

RMM - Naveah and Yusuf

RCT - Victoria and David

1VB - Anastasia and Precious

1CP - Hayden and Emilija

2TR - Habiba and Oumenin

2BC - Ashan and Andreea

3MA - Bryan and Gabrielius

3TW - Lara and Matei

4CL - Alfie and Emili

4AL - Hannah and Hajera

5AA - Deborah and MJ

5FK - 

6NB - Sayta and ChiChi

Monday 15th October 2018


Nursery am - Jeylin and Ben

Nursery pm - Daniel and Grace

RCT - Lilia and Malik


1CP -Tyson and Raihann

1VB -Tomas  and Anna

2TR - Anastasia   and Isabelle

2BC - Rilie and Kevin

3MA - 

3TW -Victoria and Favour

4CL - Levi and Olivia

4AL- Devarati and Queenie

5AA - 

5FK- Ella and Lina

6NB - Hadi and Adrijus

Tuesday 9th October 2018


Nursery am - Patrick and Ektoras

Nursery pm - Manal and Makalya

RCT - Abigail and Zakariya

RMM -  Siji and Daniel 

1CP - Hilal and Sami

1VB  - Alice and Lily

2TR - Lewis and Rugile

2BC  Carl and Sara

3MA - 

3TW - Matei and Aurora

4CL - Joshua and Ieva

4AL- Aqsa and Martin

5AA - Dante and Maria

5FK- Fatema and Fabrizio 

6NB - Valencia and Jordan

Tuesday 2nd October 


Nursery AM - Ashman and Olly

Nursery PM - Elise and Kyron

RMM - Bethany and Ivy

RCT - Sofia and Neidas

1VB - Anita and Layla

1CP - Ibrahim and Khawla

2TR - Mihail and Mithel

2BC - Ashan and Shalom

3MA - Modestas and Emily

3TW - Divine and Alfie

4CL - Simran and Johnas

4AL - Amelia and Oskaras

5AA - Sara and Yusuf

5FK - Tia and Daniel A

6NB - Hollie and Xavier


Tuesday 25th September 


RMM - Lily and Arafaht

RCT - Katlyn and Jordan

1CP - George and Precious

1VB - Anna and Lucas

2TR - Alex and Denisa 

2BC - Amina and Adelina 

3MA - Hashir and Bryan

3TW - Leon and Elizabeth 

4CL - Eldon and Greta

4AL - Bella and Brandon

5AA - Titas and Britney

5FK - Daniel O and Thomas

6NB - Charlee and Londra

Friday 14th September 2018


RCT  - Emily and Malik

RMM  - Israa and Aayat

1CP - Freshta and Jaquan

1VB -   Tomas and Gabby

2TR - Alexandru and Bernard

2BC - Faizah ad Joshua

3MA - Tanveer and Olaoluwa

3TW - Favour and Adrian 

4CL - Joel and Naomi

4AL- Corey and Olivia

5AA - Derin and Jasmine

5FK- Sara and Maryclaire

6NB - Leila and Sharon