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2017 - 2018

Friday 25th May


Nursery AM   Mia and Siji

Nursery PM   Ainhoa and Jaish

RCT  Tobias and Hilal

RRR Kara and Lily

1OG Alexandru and Denisa 

1VB  Vanesa and Eesa

2MA Dayana and Viktoria

2BC  Taha and Peter

3AL Levi and Naseer

3RB Clara and Ruby 

4CL Nishat and Antonio



6NB  Tangila and Giedre


Friday 18th May


Nursery AM Daniel and Neidas

Nursery PM Katlyn and Elise

RCT George and Alessia

RRR Precious and Albab

1OG  Rlie and Assan

1VB  Naeto andAyman

2MA Alice and Marvellous

2BC  Dovydas and Achellias

3AL Charlie and Naseer

3RB Alan and Jordan 

4CL Abigail and Joel



6NB All of 6NB (SATs Week) 


Friday 11th May


Nursery AM Priansh and Bethany

Nursery PM Emily and Jordan

RCT Penouel and Tobias

RRR Daniel and Gustas

1OG Philip and Shalom

1VB Surcan and Nathan

2MA Amaya and Olaoluwa

2BC Elizabeth and Khaliya

3AL - Naomi and Joel

3RB - Ruqayyah and Olcan

4CL - Daniel A and Joshuell

4TW - Deborah and Jasmine

5AA - Leila and Lwazi

6NB - Jasmine and Lewis

6TR - 

Friday 27th April 2018


Nursery AM - Mehmet and Laitan

Nursery PM - Alena and Sheikh Tijani

RRR - Alice and Lucas

RCT - Khawla and Ibrahim

1VB -  Aaman and Lewis 

1OG - Aribah and Sebela

2MA- Emmanuel and Nasri 

2BC - Achielleas and Alfie

3AL - Emilia and Simran

3RB - Sophia and Alfie 

4CL - Tia and Thomas

4TW - Titas and Jessieca

5AA - Valencia and Chi-chi

6NB - Simonas and Tangila

6TR -

Friday 31st March 2017


Nursery AM - David and Bradley

Nursery PM - Malik and Stefan

RRR - Adil and Gabby

RCT - Emilija and Tyson

1VB -  Cianna and Rahim

1OG - Mithel and Aribah

2MA- Lacey and Vilius

2BC - Peter and Taha

3AL - Aliah and Greta

3RB - Bella and Devarati 

4CL - Tia and Tadiwa

4TW - Jake and Derin

5AA - Eidanas and Matas

6NB - Bailey and Michael

6TR - 

Friday 23rd March 2018


Nursery AM - Damilola and Joseph

Nursery PM - Wasselah and Huzaifa

RRR - Kai and Layla

RCT -  

1VB -  Lewis and Amaan

1OG - Bright and Iftekhar

2MA- Viktoria and Markas

2BC - Achilleas and Aurora

3AL - Katerina and Rayyan

3RB - Alfie and Sophia 

4CL - Nehan and Maryclaire

4TW - Blessing and Deborah

5AA -  Aishah and Adrijus 

6NB - Grace and Gabriely

6TR - Funke and Erik

Friday 16th March 2018


Nursery AM - Abigail and Victoria

Nursery PM - Arafaht and Gurjash

RRR - Abimbola and Lucas

RCT - Eliza and Hayden

1VB -  Mahi and Faizah 

1OG - Bright and Jamie

2MA- Sarah and Bilal

2BC - Abiel and Zainab

3AL - Tom and Emilia

3RB - Olivia and Stacey

4CL - Tanisha and Cara

4TW - Jasmine and Emmanuel

5AA -  

6NB - Chelsea and Jayden

6TR - Malaika and Casey

Friday 9th March 2018


Nursery AM - Rabia and Mehmet

Nursery PM - Jaymie and Zakariya

RRR - Tomas and Anastasia

RCT - Jaquan and Freshta

1VB -   Lewis and Lily-Ann

1OG - Alexandru and Albert

2MA- Dayana and Markas

2BC - Kailen and Lara

3AL - Rodrigo and Joshua

3RB - Brandon and Miladul 

4CL - Bjordi and Abigail

4TW - Derin and Tijani

5AA -  Leila and Hadi

6NB - Dominykas and Bailey

6TR - Sahil and Khadija

Friday 2nd March 2018


Nursery AM - Amelia and Joyce

Nursery PM - Sofia and Alena

RRR - Meshach and Samuel

RCT - Tobias and Eliza

1VB -  Denis and Othniel

1OG - Shalom and Anastasija

2MA- Israel and Sheba

2BC - Alfie and Lara

3AL - Katerina and Johnas

3RB - Nasihah and Aiden

4CL - Nuria and Kacper

4TW - Sharon and Emmanuel

5AA - Adrijus and Londra

6NB - Eimantas and Jasmine

6TR - Livia and Funke

Friday 23rd February 2018


Nursery AM - Nigisha and Anisa

Nursery PM - Ivy and Ladyta

RRR - Anita and Kesar

RCT - Raihaan and Sorina

1VB - Nathan and Eesa  

1OG - Ameli and Sara 

2MA- Adam H  and Hashir

2BC - Lara and Kailen

3AL - The whole class

3RB - Corey and Clara

4CL - Thomas and Tia

4TW - Titas and Derin

5AA - Lubo and Saule

6NB - Anastaciaa and Giedre

6TR -

Friday 9th February 2017


Nursery AM - Abigail and Siji

Nursery PM - Jordan and Aayat

RRR - Gustas and Alice

RCT - Hayden and Sorina

1VB -   Cianna and Lewis

1OG -  Amelia and Mernya

2MA- Modestas and Emily

2BC - Chesney and Lara 

3AL - 

3RB - Kevin and Kai 

4CL - Kymani and Fabrizio

4TW - Bobbi and Nikolaos

5AA - Keren and Lwazi

6NB - Monika and Michael

6TR - Emmanuel and Nojus

Friday 2nd February 2018


Nursery AM - Lily and Israa

Nursery PM - Emily and Jaia

RRR - Theodore and Tomas

RCT - Eman and Raihaan

1VB -   Bernard and Vanessa

1OG -  Yavuz and Lily-May

2MA- Jamie and Mariya

2BC - Tomas and Favour

3AL - 

3RB - Femi and Jordan

4CL - Connor and Rihanna 

4TW - Diana and Jessieca

5AA - Dami and Summer

6NB - Alex and Majus

6TR -

Friday 26th January 2018


Nursery AM - Daniel and Priansh

Nursery PM - Huzaifa and Katlyn

RRR - Anita and Adil

RCT - Emilija and Tyson

1VB -  Joshua and Denisa 

1OG - Shalom and Aribah  

2MA- Emily and Sheba

2BC - Adrian and Victoria

3AL - Mason and Rodrigo 

3RB - Alfie and Raducan 

4CL - The whole class

4TW - Jasmine and Yunus

5AA - Charlee and Jordan

6NB - Eimantas and Jayden

6TR - Jaiden and Roosevelt

Friday 19th January 2018


Nursery AM - Finlay and Mia

Nursery PM - Tijani and Jaish 

RRR - Layla and Samuel

RCT - Joel and Eliza

1VB -  Annabelle and Daryl  

1OG - Iftekahr and Denisa 

2MA- Sarah and Prince

2BC - Treasure and Favour

3AL - Alfie and Esther

3RB -  Qubais and Stacey 

4CL - Nuria and Kacper

4TW - Dante and Britney

5AA - Kuba and Saule

6NB - Luca and Tesleem

6TR - Zakaria and Momodu

Friday 12th January 2018


Nursery AM - Bethany and Neidas

Nursery PM - Ainhoa and Malik

RRR - Lily and Albab

RCT - Sorina and Bobby

1VB -   Azaan and Daryl

1OG -  Yavuz and Kimora 

2MA- Marcas and Vilius

2BC - Dovydas and Alfie

3AL - Levi and Mohammed

3RB - Devarati and Zion 

4CL - Daniel A and Ella

4TW - Rayan and 

5AA - Fisa and Xavier

6NB - Diana and Anastasiia 

6TR - Skye and Evan

Friday 15th December 2017


Nursery AM - Bethany and Sapphire

Nursery PM - Ladyta and Bradley 

RRR - Abimbola and Daniel

RCT - Penouel and Hayden

1VB -   Rahim and Eesa

1OG -  Charlotte and Mihran

2MA- Adam and Gabrielius

2BC - Adam and Alexandra

3AL - The whole class

3RB - The whole class 

4CL - The whole class

4TW - Blessing and Paul

5AA - Lubo and Amira

6NB - Dominykas, Monika and Nyasha

6TR - Nojus and Vanesa

Friday 8th December 2017


Nursery AM - David and Mia Mae

Nursery PM - Ivy and Sheikh Tijani

RRR - Theodore and Arham

RCT - Precious and Oscar

1VB -  Tiffany and Cianna 

1OG -  Mernya and Philip

2MA- Lacey and Sheba

2BC - Victoria and Taha

3AL - Eldon and Katerina

3RB - Ruby and Hannah 

4CL - Bjordi and Abigail 

4TW - Sharon and Emmanuel 

5AA - ChiChi and Sharon

6NB - Mia and Eimantas

6TR - Nojus and Vanesa


Friday 1st December 2017


Nursery AM - Abigail and Joyce

Nursery PM - Katlyn and Jayish

RRR - Anita and Tomas

RCT - Joel and Eliza

1VB - Carl and Vanessa

1OG - Anistasija and Alexandru

2MA- Olaoluwa and Nasri

2BC - Rafasan and Danielius

3AL - Naseer and Jade

3RB - Jordan and Natasha 

4CL - Obehi and Joshuell

4TW - Jasmine and Derin

5AA - Hadi and Aishah 

6NB - Jasmine and Bailey

6TR - Momodu and Sahil

Friday 24th November 2017 


Nursery AM - Nigisha and Anisa

Nursery PM - Zakariya and Waseelah

RRR - Cairo and Gustas

RCT - Freshta and George

1VB -  Nathan and Muhammad

1OG -  Rugile and Mihran

2MA-  David and Israel

2BC - Abiel and Vilius

3AL - Mohammed and Alyssa

3RB - Raducan and Nasihah 

4CL - Teniola and Joel

4TW - Paul and Yunus

5AA - Eidanas and Saule

6NB - Alex and Jayden

6TR - Erik and Emmanuel

Friday 17th November 2017 


Nursery AM - Damilola and Amelia

Nursery PM - Jaymie and Jayish

RRR - Precious and Adil

RCT - Hayden and Sorina

1VB -  Denis and Daryl 

1OG - Precious and Albert

2MA- Marvellous and Lily

2BC - Lara and Kailen

3AL - Johnas and Rayyan

3RB - Femi and Bella

4CL - Ella and Antonio

4TW - Dante and Jesslyn

5AA - Lwazi and Chi-Chi

6NB - Chidinma and Isha

6TR - Natalie and Eliana

Friday 10th November 2017 


Nursery AM - Mehmet and Finlay

Nursery PM - Aayat and Mowafak

RRR - Kai and Lily

RCT - Rahyiz and Tyson

1VB -  Joshua and Faizah 

1OG - Assan and Mithel 

2MA- Hashir and Christian

2BC - Mahdi and Adrian

3AL - Prisha and Charlie

3RB - Clara and Muhammad 

4CL - Rihanna and Tadiwa

4TW - Titas and Rayan

5AA - Londra and 5AA 

6NB - Monika and Luca

6TR - Casey and Matt

Friday 3rd November 2017


Nursery AM - Priansh and Israa

Nursery PM - Jordan and Waseelah

RRR - Anna and Samuel

RCT - Hilal and Khawla

1VB -   Carl and Denis

1OG -  Aribah and Rilie

2MA- Harvey and Dayana

2BC - Kailen and Vilius

3AL - Alfie and Olivia 

3RB - Hajera and Oskaras 

4CL - Thomas and Connor

4TW - Titas and Belinda

5AA - Valencia and Leila 

6NB - Efe and Leo 

6TR - Matas and Janice 

Friday 20th October 2017


Nursery AM - Mia and Joseph

Nursery PM - Ainhoa and Sheikh Tijani

RRR - Anastasia and Kesar

RCT - Penuoel and Bobby

1VB - Lewis  and Jayden

1OG - Philip and Mihran

2MA- Hary and Bilal  

2BC - Aurora and Peter

3AL - Arijus and Amanda

3RB - Olivia and Queenie

4CL - Kymani and Daniel A

4TW - Diana and Jake

5AA - Kuba and Aishah

6NB - Grace and Adam

6TR - Malaika and Matt

Friday 13th October 2017


Nursery AM - David and Victoria

Nursery PM - Jaia and Jayish

RRR - Albab and Meshach

RCT - Eman and Amber

1VB - Faizah and Habiba

1OG - Jack and Precious 

2MA- Brian and Emmanuel 

2BC - Favour and Danielius

3AL - Joel and Naomi

3RB - Danny and Kevin 

4CL - Nishat and Tadiwa

4TW - Ajwa and Britney

5AA - Fisa and Ejiro

6NB - Tangila and Gabriely

6TR - Lacey and Malaika

Friday 6th October 2017


Nursery AM - Sapphire and Joyce

Nursery PM - Zakariya and Bradley

RRR - Gabrielle and Abimbola

RCT - Emilija and Jaquan

1VB - Amaan and Habiba

1OG -  Lily-May and Oumenin

2MA- Amaya and Mariya

2BC - Alfie and Chesney

3AL - Johnas and Greta

3RB - Aiden and Amelia

4CL - Kymani and Teniola

4TW - Bobbi and Jessieca

5AA - Matas and Valencia

6NB - Tesleem and Nyasha

6TR - Livia and Beatriz

Friday 29th September 2017


Nursery AM - Neidas and Siji

Nursery PM - Emily and Ladyta

RRR - Daniel and Melani

RCT - Alessia and George

1VB - Asaan and Tiffany

1OG -  Denisa and Mihran

2MA- Victoria  and Jamie

2BC - Adam and Dovydas

3AL - Eldon and Simi

3RB - Sophia and Davide

4CL - Joel and Sara

4TW - Jasmine and Rayan

5AA - Sharon and Daniel

6NB - Lewis and Chidinma

6TR - Beatriz and Nojus

Friday 22nd September 2017


Nursery AM - Bethany and Rabia

Nursery PM - Ivy and Alena

RRR - Layla and Kara

RCT - Freshta and Oscar

1VB -   Daryl and Eesa

1OG -  Aribah and Charlotte

2MA- Modestas and Allice

2BC - Rafsan and Emilis

3AL- Mia and Levi

3RB - Corey and Martin

4CL - Kacper and Daniel A

4TW- Hezera and Derin

5AA - Wasif and Valencia

6NB- Taiwo and Alis

6TR- Matas and Janelia



Nursery AM - 

Nursery PM - 

RRR - 

RCT - 

1VB -   

1OG -  


2BC - 

3AL - 

3RB - 

4CL - 

4TW - 

5AA - 

6NB - 

6TR -