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2019 - 2020

Tuesday 10th March 2020



1ZH Clayton and Younas

1OG Joyce and Brian 

2VB Clayton and Abi

2TR Mercy and Hayden

3MJ - 



4AL - 

5AC - 

5GC - 

6AA - 

6NB - Tadiwa and Connor

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

1ZH- Roberto and Deni

1OG-Brian and Oliver

2VB- Madison and Siyam

2TR-Haiyden and Sami

3MJ - 



4AL - 

5AC - Brandon and Kai

5GC - Olivia and Naomi

6AA - 

6NB - Maryclaire and Daniel O.

Tuesday 25th February 2020

EYFS- Makayla and Kaydaybannie
1ZH- Jaia and Siji

1OG- Victoria and Sofia 

2VB- Sarah and Elli

2TR- Maksym and Freshta

3MJ - 



4AL - 

5AC - Sophia and Raducan

5GC -  Charlie and Rodrigo

6AA - Yunus.H and Michelle

6NB - Ella and Praise

Tuesday 11th February 2020

1ZH-Younas and Ivy

1OG-David and Victoria 

2VB- Evelina and Jey

2TR -Caroline and Sara 

3MJ - 



4AL - 

5AC - Alfie and Muhammad

5GC -  Mia and Joshua

6AA - 

6NB - Tia and Nuria 

Tuesday 4th February 2020

1ZH-Arafaht and Bethany

1OG-David and Sophie 

2VB- Kai and Sarah

2TR -Valeria and Eliza 

3MJ - 



4AL - 

5AC - Daniel and Aqsa

5GC - Junaid and Sakina 

6AA - 

6NB - Joshuell and Tanisha

Tuesday 27th January 2020

1ZH-Chearina and Viola

1OG- Damilola and Esther

2VB- Madison and Anna

2TR - Amilah and Sorina

3CT - 

3TW- Daria and Mahi


4AL - 

5AC - Ruby and Davide

5GC - Jade and Naseer

6AA - Rayan and Jessieca

6NB - Abigail and Thomas

Tuesday 21st January 2020

EYFS- Carter D and Umar C
1ZH-Usayd and Daniel

1OG- Victoria and Brian

2VB- Anna and Madison

2TR - Alessia and Freshta

3CT - Denis and Faizah

3TW- Philip and Omer


4AL - 

5AC - 

5GC - Mia and Arijus

6AA -Deni and Britney

6NB - Fabrizio and Obehi 

Tuesday 14th January 2020

1ZH- Jaymie and Arafaht

1OG- Ronnie and Oliver

2VB- Lilian and Jey 

2TR - Maksym and Freshta

3CT - Vanessa and Maya

3TW- Isabelle and Jamie


4AL - 

5AC - 

5GC - Olatomiwa and Alfie

6AA - Daniel and Hazera

6NB -  Nehan and Bjordi

Tuesday 17th December 2019


EYFS- Hyder and Joanna
1ZH- Finlay and Ivy

1OG- Amelia and Nigisha

2VB- Precious and Tomas

2TR -Alberto and Mercy

3CT - 



4AL - 

5AC - Clara and Olcan

5GC - Ruth and Emili

6AA - Paul and Dante

6NB -  Nuria and Connor

Tuesday 10th December 2019


EYFS- Noah and Elise
1ZH- Oli and Lily

1OG-Mario and Victoria

2VB Anna and Sarah

2TR-Razia and Diego

3CT - 



4AL - 

5AC - Amelia and Corey

5GC - Naomi and Mohammed

6AA - Deborah and Sharon

6NB - Lina and Jordan 

Tuesday 3rd December 2019


EYFS- Stefan and Leona
1ZH- Jaymie and Priansh

1OG-Victoria and Oliver

2VB Abi and Gabby

2TR- Alberto and Diego

3CT - 

3TW-Didina, Lewis and Charlotte


4AL - 

5AC - 

5GC - Ieva and Amanda

6AA - Derin and Titas

6NB - Fatema and Teniola

Tuesday 26th November 2019


EYFS-  Grace and Carter

1ZH- Mia-Mae and Daniel

1OG-Sofie and Victoria

2TR- Oscar and Mercy

3CT - Paul and Joshua

3TW- Bright and Isabelle


4AL - Olaoluwa and Olivia

5AC - Miszela and Brandon

5GC - Emilia and Prisha

6AA - Jesslyn and David

6NB - Nishat and Joel 

Tuesday 19th November 2019


EYFS-Ben and Ektoras

1ZH -Clayton and Siji

1OG -Sofia and Kevin 

2TR -Mercy and Emilia

2VB -Sarah and Adil

3CT - Vanesa and Paul

3TW - Philip and Jamie


4AL - Sheba and Raisa

5AC - Qubais and Alfie

5GC - Ailah and Alyssa

6AA - Rayan and Nikolaos

6NB - Cara and MaryClaire 

Tuesday 12th November 2019


EYFS - Aroush and Dylan

1ZH - Aayat and Oli

1OG - Ronnie and Amelia

2TR - Valerija and George

2VB - Lucas and Lily

3CT - 

3TW-Daria and Lubna


4AL - Gabrielius and Prince

5AC - Faye and Bella

5GC - Greta and Lily-Rose

6AA - Hazera and Dovydas

6NB -Rihanna and Daniel A

Tuesday 5th November 2019


EYFS -Liepa L and Nadiyah

1ZH- Priansh and Jaia

1OG  Sophie and Zakariya

2TR Rahyiz and Benas 

2VB Kai and Arham

3CT - Maya and Rilie

3TW - Didina and Benard


4AL - Lacey and Bryan

5AC - Aqsa and Martin

5GC - Amar and Naseer

6AA - Derin and Daniel

6NB- Tanisha and Kymani 

Tuesday 15th October 2019


EYFS-Diana and Yuchen

1OG-Jordan and Cristina

1ZH-Roberto and Waseelah

2VB-Tomas and Erelina

2TR-Haseeb and Sami 

3CT - Paul and Muhammed

3TW- Charlotte and Ikeoluwa

4AL- Allice and Bilal

4SM- Acchilleus and Zainab

5GC- Mason and Arijus

5AC- Raducan and Olcan

6AA-Sara and Samir 

6NB-Obehi and Tadiwa

Tuesday 8th October 2019


EYFS - Elise and Patrick

1OG- Oliver and Olivia

1ZH- Viola and Sheik -Tijani

2VB- Elli and Layla

2TR- Sami and Maksym

3CT- Albert and Eesa

3TW- Isabelle and Darius

4AL- Lacey and Raisa

4SM- Dovydas and Treasure

5GC- Olatomiwa and Olivia

5AC- Hannah and Ruqayyah

6AA- Derin and Natasha

6NB- Bjordi and Kacper



Tuesday 1st October 2019


EYFS- Aisha and Oluwole

1OG-Nigisha and Ronnie

1ZH-Israa and Lily

2VB-Kara and Gustas

2TR-Precious and Sorina

3TW-Lewis and Sarah

3CT- Joshua and Mihran

4AL - Sheba and Mariya

4SM - Kendrick and Matei

5GC - Ailah and Lewis

5AC - Jordan and Queenie

6AA - Sara and David

6NB - Praise and Ella

Tuesday 24th September 2019


EYFS - Alina and Olly

1OG Damilola and Malik

1ZH Jaia and James 

2TR-Haseeb and Alessia

2VB- Gabby and Lilly 

3TW- Jamie and Philip

3CT - Denis and Albert

4AL - Bryan and Dayana

4SM - Peter and Elizabeth

5GC - Jade and Simran

5AC - Qubais and Olivia

6AA - Hazera And Deni

6NB -Daniel O and Joshuell

Tuesday 17th September 2019


EYFS -  Hafsa and Eduard

1OG - Leticia and Mario

1ZH - Mia-Mae and Jaia

2VB - Benas and Sami

2TR - Fimidara and Anna

3CT - Alban and Vanesa

3TW - Mahi and Didina

4AL - Olivia, Mohammed and Stephanny

4SM - Haniyah and Tiffany

5GC -  Mia and Alfie

5AC - Amelia and Mohammed

6AA - Dovydas and Britney

6NB - Tia and Connor