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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2017


Thursday 5th October 2017                    Year 6                  Kip in a ship

Monday 16th October 2017                     Year 3                  Valance House -  Prehistoric Times

Tuesday 17th October 2017                    Year 4                  Valance House - The Vikings

Thursday 2nd November 2017                 Year 5                  British Library - Play on Words

Wednesday 8th November 2017              Year 1                   Local History Walk

Friday     10th November 2017                Year 2                  Eastbrookend Country Park

Thursday 16th November 2017                Year 1                  Barking Abbey Park

Wednesday 29th November 2017                                        Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime

Tuesday 5th December 2017                   Choir                   Riverside Bridge School

Thursday 7th December 2017                 Choir                   Dagenham Fords

Thursday 14th December 2017               Choir                   Dagenham Fords

Tuesday 19th December 2017                 Choir                   Homebase Dagenham