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Rainbows for Nightingale Hospital

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The new Nightingale hospital in London is open and ready to help the UK and NHS deal with the growing demand of coronavirus but while this is an uncertain time for many, the NHS staff and creators of the centre have a job for our children to help cheer everyone up - rainbow pictures.


They are asking for children to send in their pictures of rainbows and messages of positivity so they can decorate the new hospital wards with them. 


Rainbows for Nightingale: What do you need to do:


You and your family need to get crafty with an A4 piece of paper creating your prettiest, brightest and most beautifully individual rainbows and messages of positivity. There’s no restrictions on how many you draw and they’re encouraging you to write messages of hope or well wishes on them too.


Share them on social media using #RainbowsForNightingale


What a lovely way to give something back! 

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