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Sports Day 2016!

Sports Day 2016! 1
Everyone is welcome to come along and support the children in Early Years in their Sports Day.  Come along and cheer!  Make sure you've done your stretches in preparation for the Parents Races! smiley

Early Years Talent Show

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The children in Nursery and Reception enjoyed showing off their talents during the Early Years Talent Show.


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Nursery 2016-17 Parent Meeting

Nursery 2016-17 Parent Meeting 1

There will be a Nursery Parent Meeting for the new Nursery intake for September 2016.  This meeting will be in the main hall on 19th May at 9.15.  


If you are a prospective parent you should have received a letter in the post inviting you to it.  If you would like your child to start in Nursery in September and they will be 3 by 31st August 2016 then please speak to our Admissions Officer Mrs Savage in the office for more details.  We look forward to seeing you!

Parents Meeting 23rd February 2016

Thank you to the Reception parents who were able to attend our meeting on 23rd February 2016.  I hope you found it helpful.  Don't forget, if you would like any workshops to give you ideas of activities to do at home, please let your class teacher know!
As the children's performances were so good, Father Christmas came to visit us in Early Years on Wednesday!  They really enjoyed meeting him as well as having their photos taken!  Father Christmas then gave them all a present for being so good.  Thank you for visiting, Father Christmas!

Party time!

Party time! 1

Come and see our Christmas Performance!

Come and see our Christmas Performance! 1

Applying for Reception 2016!

Applying for Reception 2016! 1

We very much hope that your child enjoys their time at Marsh Green and we know that the first two years of you child’s education are very important in making sure that they enjoy school to the fullest.


Here are some of the ways in which you can help us:

 -   Encourage your child to be independent so that they can put their own coat on and take it off, and go to the toilet unaided washing their hands afterwards.

- Always tell us who will be picking up your child if it someone other than you.  If we do not recognise the person or have not been informed beforehand then we will need to contact you.

 -  Make sure that we always have an up to date telephone number so that we can contact you if your child is ill or has an accident.

 - Always tell a member of staff if your child is worried about anything which may have happened either at school or at home so that we can ensure that we can help them in any way possible.

 -   Please do not let your child bring toys to school as they may become upset if the toys are mislaid or broken.



At Marsh Green your child will need to wear uniform. This comprises of grey trousers, skirt or dress, white shirt or polo shirt and a green jumper and black school shoes. We also do not allow earrings at Marsh Green.  A warm coat, hat and gloves as the weather gets colder. Please remember to label all shoes and clothing!


Nursery children do not require a PE kit.  Reception have PE on Monday and need to wear their PE kit to school.  This consists of green jogging bottoms, black shorts, plimsolls, a white t-shirt and a green jumper.  If you need to purchase any of these items they are available from the office.


What can I do to help my child at school?

Do your best to make sure that:

- Your child has a good routine, they go to bed at a regular time, so they are ready to learn each day.  When your child is given a reading book, make sure that they read with an adult every night.                              

- Your child comes to school every day our child gets to school and is picked up from school on time every day.  If you are late picking up your child they will be taken to Late Club and you may be fined.

- Your child does not miss school without a very good reason, like sickness.  If your child does have to miss school, you should telephone the school and speak to Mrs Kelly.


Children ’s progress?

The adults within Early Years will gather evidence on your child’s progress, make observations and use this to create a profile for the children on our online observation assessment tool called 2Simple.  We encourage parents to look at their child’s achievements and you are always welcome to discuss any questions or problems with the class teacher or TA.


Parent involvement in Early Years:

We ask parents to help your child with independence by encouraging the children to hang up their own coat and bag, finding their name and settling at an activity.


At the end of the session when you come to school to collect your child, please wait outside the classroom for your child to be dismissed by a member of staff.  Please do not call your child yourself, as we need to be aware of which children have left and with whom.


How can I be involved with the school?

To give your child the best start at school, it is important that parents and staff work together, and share their knowledge of the child.  Staff are always available for a brief word in the morning or after their morning or afternoon session.


Throughout the school year we hold open evenings or open days when you will be able to see your child’s work and speak to the staff about their progress.  If at any other time you have concerns that you need to discuss with us, please let us know and we will make an appointment for you to see the teacher.


During the year the Foundation Stage will take part in a Harvest, Sports day and Christmas celebration and you will be invited to all of these activities. We also have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day parties.  Everyone enjoys these events and appreciates the opportunity to come together and celebrate the achievements of the children.