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Who's Who

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders 1 Mrs N. Sanchez Head Teacher
Senior Leaders 2 Mrs V. Weekes Assistant Head Teacher
Senior Leaders 3 Mr S Remmer Assistant Head Teacher

Phase Leaders

Phase Leaders 1 Mrs R. Rafter EYFS Leader
Phase Leaders 2 Mrs M. Withrington Year 1-2 & EAL Leader
Phase Leaders 3 Mrs T Winkler Year 3-4 & English Leader
Phase Leaders 4 Mrs N. Bell Year 5-6, Art and Design Tech Leader

Subject Leaders

Subject Leaders 1 Mrs. R Langley SENco
Subject Leaders 2 Miss C. Tibbles PE and PSHE Leader
Subject Leaders 3 Mrs A. Ali History & Geography Leader
Subject Leaders 4 Mrs T. Ribbons Science Leader


Teachers 1 Miss R. Crossley
Teachers 2 Mrs O. Goko
Teachers 3 Miss V. Barritt
Teachers 4 Miss M. Abrahams
Teachers 5 Mr B. Clark
Teachers 6 Miss A. Livesey
Teachers 7 Miss R. Bell
Teachers 8 Miss C. Lopez
Teachers 9 Mrs C. Piercy Cover Teacher

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Miss S. Hallowell Nursery Nurse
Support Staff 2 Mrs A. Akande Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 3 Miss R. McAuley-Fisher Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 4 Mrs E. Playle Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 5 Mrs L. Jones Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 6 Mrs K. Bixby Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 7 Mrs W. Reynolds Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 8 Mrs T. Choudhury Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 9 Mrs L. Whittet Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 10 Mrs M. Kaur TA
Support Staff 11 Mrs A. Konstandinou Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 12 Mrs R. Rasheed Teaching Assistant
Support Staff 13 Mrs J. Lambert SEN TA
Support Staff 14 Mrs A. Ling SEN TA
Support Staff 15 Mrs L. Grant Teaching Assistant

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 Mr D. Smith

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs N. Kelly Attendance Manager
Office Staff 2 Mr. T Purcell Finance Officer

Lunch Time Staff

Lunch Time Staff 1 Mrs E. Borg, School Cook
Lunch Time Staff 2 Mrs T. Sabin Kitchen Assistant
Lunch Time Staff 3 Mrs D. Jones Senior Mid-day Supervisor
Lunch Time Staff 4 Mrs B. Juffs Mid-day Supervisor
Lunch Time Staff 5 Miss G. Jones Mid-day Supervisor
Lunch Time Staff 6 Mrs F. Khanum Play Leader
Lunch Time Staff 7 Mrs L. Beecham Play Leader
Lunch Time Staff 8 Mrs S. Whincup Play Leader
Lunch Time Staff 9 Mrs T Dunnage Mid-day Supervisor
Lunch Time Staff 10 Miss K. Chapman, Play Leader
Lunch Time Staff 11 Ms L. Skinner Play Leader
Lunch Time Staff 12 Mrs W. Williams Play Leader

Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teachers 1 Mr M Richet Drumming Teacher
Specialist Teachers 2 Miss M. Tharani Drama & Dance Teacher


Governors 1 Mr John Torrie - Chair Of Governors
Governors 2 Mrs Patricia Harvey
Governors 3 Miss Efe Akenzua
Governors 4 Mrs Baljinder Kaur
Governors 5 Mr Inder Singh Jamu