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Marble fireworks pictures!

Miss McAuley wanted the children to make some fireworks pictures and she had the idea of using marbles!  The children chose their paint and put small amounts of different colours on their paper in the box.  Then they put their marbles in the box and had to roll them around to get the paint to move around the paper.  The children had lots of fun (and so did Miss McAuley)!  Don't they look great?

Big drawing

Big drawing 1
Big drawing 2
Big drawing 3
Big drawing 4
Big drawing 5
Having a big space to draw makes it so much easier!  It means that the children are able to spread out and use more of their bodies to help them draw.  It also means that they can take up more space!

Making playdough

Making playdough 1
Making playdough 2
Making playdough 3
Making playdough 4
Making playdough 5
Making playdough 6
We loved making playdough and were very proud of ourselves for making the playdough that we would be using in class.  Kai enjoyed mixing the ingredients together and Gustas was fascinated by what happened to the ingredients once they had been in the microwave.  If you need any help making playdough, then just ask us!
We made sandwiches and they were lovely!  We could choose between a ham sandwich and a cheese sandwich.  We had to use the knife to butter the bread and then cut our sandwich in two.  Then we had a picnic!  It was lovely!
We really enjoyed our first day in Reception today.  We have made lots of new friends!  The time whizzed by and before we knew it, it was time to go home!