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Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to Nursery 1

These are the staff you will meet in the nursery. Please come and talk to any of us about your needs, concerns or questions. Don't forget to sign up for ParentMail and 2Simple for the latest information.

Please make sure your child has a named set of spare clothes. We have a very limited supply of spare clothes if your child gets wet. Please return any clothes your child is wearing, that belong to school, as soon as possible. Thank you 

Children in Need

Thank you for your support raising money for Children in Need.

The nursery children play outside every day. They develop physical skills but they also learn to play and share with their friends. They have to wait and take turns. They also count, write, read, play music, dance, imagine, create and explore.

Please make sure your child bring a coat to school every day and is wearing correct school shoes. If it is cold they need a hat and gloves. If it is wet, a change of trousers is helpful, because they love to jump in puddles! 

All clothing needs to be named - especially gloves. If we don't know who things belong to, we can't give them back when we find them.

Outdoor play - afternoon nursery

Icing Biscuits Morning Nursery

The children chose the icing to put on their biscuit. Then they chose the sprinkles. They were very happy with the creations that they made!

Icing Biscuits Afternoon Nursery