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5GC Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day: Together for a better internet!

Safer Internet Day is an annual celebration held every February, calling on everyone to make the most of the internet's potential to bring people together, by joining forces to create a better internet, in particular for children and young people. This year, Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, 11 February 2020.

Safer Internet Day 2020 - "Free to be" and "Together for a safer Internet."

In Year 5 we watched a very thought-provoking video about Internet safety as part of Safer Internet day 2020.

The video, from CBBC Newsround, called Caught in the Web is a Newsround special programme all about staying safe on the internet.  The video tells the story of a girl called Lost Princess, who gets into danger after meeting someone in a chatroom.  It also provided lots of helpful advice and tips on how to be safe, and case studies of children with real-life experiences of how things can go wrong.

From this video, as a class, 5GC made posters, quizzes and information leaflets about how to be safe on-line and what to do if they feel awkward or uncomfortable. #freetobe #togetherforasaferinternet