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Autumn Term


At the beginning of the year, when we first entered our new reception class, we painted pictures of our faces and challenged ourselves to  write our names and numbers.  We put everything we did, onto our fantastic display!



We have been learning to count, recognise numbers and create repeating patterns.
We have been very busy learning our sounds, and concentrating on recognising  tricky words such as 'like / to' and challenging ourselves to think about good sentences we could write.
We had great fun making our fantastic fire work pictures.  First we squirted paint into a tray, then added marbles and rolled the tray.  We loved shaking the tray and watching the colours clash and explode into each other.  Later on, we challenged ourselves to think of  good words that described the sounds that fireworks made.  We particularly liked the words 'bang, whizz, pop, explode!'.
We have been learning how to be great scientists by investigating which materials would be most suitable for our dollies to wear.  We checked whether the material was smooth, furry or rough, whilst also considering whether is was strong or weak.  We all enjoyed discussing the properties of materials and thinking about why some materials are better than others, when it comes to dressing our dollies!
We are getting really good at counting, so we have been challenging ourselves to use  cubes to measure items in our classroom.  It was fun.
In our reception outdoor area, there are so many fun ways to exercise.  We love to challenge ourselves by trying new things, and discovering new ways to balance, move, slide or work in a team to score a goal!
We have been working really hard to read and  write our letters, hear the sounds letters make in a spoken word, and  applying that knowledge in our writing. For example, we recently read 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.  The Tiger drank all the water and ate all  the food.  We used our phonics to understand that the word 'water' had the sounds 'w' and t' and 'r' and we used these letters to help us spell the word 'water'.  This is the first step in our writing journey.  Some of us then challenged ourselves to write a full sentence based on the story of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.  We love reading and writing! 

Our Christmas Concert.

Christmas Party and Dancing to Follow!