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Understanding Poetry

This half term we have been developing our understanding of how figurative language is used to enhance meaning. 

We are so good at writing poetry that we have even linked it to Anti-Bullying week.    Here are some of our examples.  

Year 6 are using Pie Corbett's talk for writing across the curriculum to facilitate their creative writing skills.

They have been using hot-seating to help them develop character view point and have also written summaries of the story so far. 


Their next step is to analyse the text.


We will keep you posted - visit our page next week for an update!



Boxing up the Text


This week we have "boxed up" the text.  This means we have analysed the structure of the story -how it begins, how the writer builds up the tension to grab the reader's attention and finally how the story ends.  Within this process we also analyse the language used, the range of punctuation and the style of sentences, for example are short sentences used to heighten the building tension?


Modelled Writing


We have now moved on to the writing process.  But we are not doing the writing just yet! Before we begin to write, the next stage in the process is to watch Mrs Bell write.  Using the example story as her guide, Mrs Bell showed us how to plan.  We can plan how we want but we know that if we struggle for ideas we must use the model provided to guide us - this is all about helping us.

Once Mrs Bell had planned she then modelled how to write a short story using her plan. As a result of watching Mrs Bell we could see how she had to stop and think about what she wanted to write.  We could see her looking back at her plan and changing her choice of words to improve her ideas or prevent repetition.  Even though it was only a short story, it took quite a bit of time to write because of the need to stop, read, check and improve. Mrs Bell was quite pleased with her finished story, but she did have some help from us!



It's our turn next week!