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Mary Mary Magdalene

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Year 5 OE have been looking at 'Mary Mary Magdalene' poem to discover it's meaning and use performance skills to bring the poem to life.

Mary, Mary Magdalene
Charles Causley
Mary, Mary Magdalene
Lying on the wall,
I throw a pebble on your back.
Will it lie or fall?

Send me down for Christmas
Some stockings and some hose,
And send before the winter’s end
A brand-new suit of clothes.


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Mary, Mary Magdalene

Under a stony tree,

I throw a pebble on your back.

What will you send me?


I’ll send you for your Christening

A woollen robe to wear,

A shiny cup from which to sup,

And a name to bear. 


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Mary, Mary Magdalene

 Lying cool as snow, 

What will you be sending me, 

When to school I go? 


I’ll send a pencil and a pen 

That writes both clean and neat.

 And I’ll send to the schoolmaster 

A tongue that’s kind and sweet.


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Mary, Mary Magdalene 

Lying in the sun, 

What will you be sending me,

 Now I’m twenty one? 


I’ll send you down a locket 

As silver as your skin,

 And I’ll send you a lover 

To fit a gold key in.


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Mary, Mary Magdalene 

Underneath the spray,

 What will you be sending me 

On my wedding day?


 I’ll send you down some blossom,

 Some ribbon and some lace,

 And for the bride a veil to hide, 

The blushes on her face.


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Mary, Mary Magdalene

 Whiter than the swan,

Tell me what you’ll send me,

 Now my good man’s dead and gone


 I’ll send to you a single bed, 

On which you must lie,

 And pillows bright where tears may light 

That fall from your eye.


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Mary, Mary Magdalene

 Now nine months are done,

 What will you be sending me

 For my little son? 


I’ll send you for your baby

 A lucky stone and small, 

To throw to Mary Magdalene

 Lying on the wall.

In studying the text, Friend or Foe, we have practised empathising with the characters, exploring how they must have felt and using language to describe their feelings.
In these pictures, we are role playing a scene involving dialogue between David and Tucky.
This helped us with writing our own dialogue and in examining the dilemma David faced about helping the German bombers.
Picture 1 "Davey! Davey! Wake up!"
Picture 2 "You were right. There were two German bombers!"
Picture 3 "Davey! Davey! Wake up!"
Picture 4 Tucky leaned over him...
Picture 5 The sun dazzled his eyes...
Picture 6 "You were right.There were two German bombers!"

For Black History Month 2016, we studied and imitated the poem, I, Too, written by African American playwright, activist, poet and columnist, Langston Hughes. 


We explored the themes of segregation, exclusion, inclusion and hope.
We thought about times when we may have felt excluded. Then, we wrote our own I, Too poems.
We learned to always have hope and believe in ourselves.

Picture 1 We imitated "I, Too" by Langston Hughes (BHM)
Picture 1 We imitated Langston Hughes' poem, I Too.
Picture 2 We chose an informal style for a party invitation
Picture 3 We won the Time Connectives Challenge!
Picture 4 This was Family Friday Fun
Picture 5 OMG! What a discovery!
Picture 6 I enjoy reading poetry
Picture 7 We chose a more formal style for our invitations
Picture 8 We always try our best. That's how we grow!