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What are my rights?


LI: To know the fundamental rights of a child.


Earlier in the week you began to learn about rights and created your own home Magna Carta!  Today you will be looking specifically at the rights of the child.    


Look back at your Magna Carta, what rights did you think you should have?  Do you think these rights should be the same for all children around the whole world?  Do all children have the same rights?  If not, why not?  Discuss this with a parent or with a friend on the phone or via zoom.


Watch the video below.


Write down the key rights that all children should have.  Then write down any other rights you believe all children should have.   What could you do to ensure all children have the same rights - could you start a campaign like Greta Thunberg, or make a video like you did for the Parliament Week Campaign back in November?




Create a poster highlighting the rights of the child.   Remember to consider your audience, you will need a title, images and words to grab the reader's attention.




Make a video of yourself explaining the rights of a child and why it is important that children have rights.