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Dear Parents and Carers,


Your child has been set some homework which is ALL to be completed by 12th of October 2020. We have decided to give mostly skills based learning / facts that your child can practise every day.


The 'Be a Reader' work, will be on your child's Active Learn so they will need to log into their account to access the book (which you can read and discuss with them).These reading activities are the only pieces of work that your child is required to hand in on 12th October.


The 'Be a Detective' tasks (times tables) are both listed in your child's school diary and can also be practised using the 'Times Table Rockstars'programme. The rest of the maths facts / skills can be practised orally or on paper.


The 'Be a Writer' sentence tasks and spelling rules can be practised orally or again written on paper (if your child learns best when they are required to write).


Your child will be tested on this homework in the week beginning 12th October 2020.


Thank you for your continued support

6NB Beach Homework