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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Learning Intention:We are learning to orally rehearse instructions using a story map.


Yesterday, we learned our new topic is “Let’s go to Africa!”. We will be learning all about African culture, food, drinks, clothing, animals and much more- how exciting!


You should have written questions by now for yesterday's learning challenge lesson- we look forward to answering your questions about Africa as the term goes on.

Now as you know we are learning how to write instructions. Our first task is to learn: 'How to make a tropical fruit smoothie'. Press play below to watch the video.

Tropical Green Smoothie | Kids Healthy Snacks | Healthy Smoothie

🍍Tropical Green Smoothie🍍

Can you remember how to make a tropical fruit smoothie in the correct order? To help us remember this set of instructions we could create a story map.


Here is our story map to make a tropical fruit smoothy, practise using actions.