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Ratio, Fractions and Percentages

Bitesize Revision - Ratio

Practical Ratio Fun!

Shape and Space

This week we are working with shape and space: area, perimeter and volume of shapes and then the property of shapes and nets!


Shape Revision

Using a simple formula

Fabulous Fractions


Today we started our journey of mastering fractions - addition. ✔️ Subtraction ✔️ Multiplication ✔️ Division ✔️ But we need to practise using them on a regular basis. 

Demonstrating our steps to success!

Negative Numbers and Fractions 

This week we will be looking at negative numbers in real life contexts.  We will also be looking at fractions - how to add and subtract.  Knowing times tables will help your child to work at the expected level with fractions.    Practising on the Rockstars site will help but children also need to know how to apply them to real maths problems such as long division, long multiplication and fractions of amounts. 

click on the link to learn more about negative numbers.

Negative Numbers 

Investigating Temperatures in Real Life

    Weights and Measures

This week in maths we have been looking at weights and measures. We have used a range of resources to measure: measuring tape to measure our heads, rules to measure items around the class and metre sticks to measure the playground and our own height.    At home, please encourage children to look at different items and their weight.   You could even get out the scales and use those to measure when cooking - please send any images in and we can add them to our web page.   It’s also vital that children know how to tell the time, work with money and convert measures. These are key life skills. In your child’s diary there is information to assist with converting measures.  

Click the link for some helpful maths videos linked to weights and measures.

Investigating Measures in Real Life

Maths for Life 


So much of our daily lives involve maths - especially life skills such as time and money, which we use every day.  Maths is also vital in certain jobs too: architects, engineers, IT technicians, Doctors, scientists, musicians, shop keepers ........


Every day we do maths in school but here are some useful websites if your child needs some extra practise.  Don’t forget they also have their Abacus accounts and Rockstars site.