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Miss Livesey

Black History Month. We chose an influential black person to research and then created an informative text. We later presented our findings in assembly.

Congratulations to our book winners Hannah and Queenie. We can't wait to hear all about your books!

Maths- We have been measuring this week! We estimated and made predictions about what would happen if we left the pasta and rice in water overnight, we were right with our predictions - it had absorbed the water and now weighed more.

Science- Electricity. Our challenge was to make the bulb light up. We investigated different ways of completing the circuit.

Our trip to Valence House - November 2018. Year 4 went to Valence House to find out about the history of Dagenham and our local area.  –Brandon. I learnt that our school was one of the first in the area and on its opening day, 150 children arrived. –Olcan. We went to the archives and looked at maps of our local area, I was able to spot where my house is now on a really old map –Devarati. We went on a trail to discover old artefacts in the museum. I saw old factories and some of the items they made like small versions of Ford cars, matches and Schweppes Lemonade. –Corey. I dressed up as the abbess and role played a scene when Henry VIII took the abbey from her for a fee. –Clara. I had a great day at Valence House. I learned that Dagenham used to be called Daccas Ham. -Aqsa.

'Maths Through Story' -First we read the book by Loreen Leedy- Measuring Penny. Then we thought it would be fun to measure one another. After we collected our measurements we decided to create outfits, which we later presented as a catwalk in assembly. Here you can see Olivia's Ballet costume and Olcan's football kit.

Our first marvellous maths of the year. Thank you for joining us :)

We are lucky to have our very own French speaker in the class! One day Olivia dressed up and taught us some phrases and items around the classroom.