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Understanding our World.


LI: To be able to identify the physical features of Earth.


Using an Atlas, label the map attached with the following: The Equator, the different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Oceania, North America, South America) and the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.   Remember, these are proper nouns so should have a capital letter to start each word - as shown above in the list. 


Send in an image of your work so we can add this to the web page. 

LI:  To demonstrate knowledge of the parts of Earth.


Using the knowledge you now have from the video, create your own annotated (labelled) diagram of the Earth's core.  You should use a ruler to show a line to the specific part of Earth you are referring to and then underline the key word.   See the image below for an example. 


You can send in images of your diagram and we will place the work on the class page. 


If you have a compass at home , then practise making the circle using this.  But if you do not have a compass at home, you can draw around a small saucepan or anything with a circular base.  

LI:  To begin to understand the importance of Latitudes and Longitudes.


Watch the short video and challenge yourself to locate the exact position on the world map using the Latitudes and Longitudes given.  Good luck!    You will need to use your maths skills for this.