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Mrs Ribbons

Oh my, not long to go now...

I must say how brilliant your children are and have been. I have worked them very hard this year and I have seen such progress both academically and personally in their maturity. I am very proud of them as I am sure you are.

Today we are at the Theatre in Barking where the children will show case their talents and receive their awards. Very exciting!!

We are working on the Leaver's Play which if the Christmas Play was anything to go by will be brilliant. I hope to see you there.

Mrs Ribbons

How time flies!!! 

We are just about to break up for our Easter Holidays. The class have been very busy working towards their SATS which are on the week beginning 14th May. Over the holiday, it is very important for the children to have lots of fun and to relax but it is also very important that they continue to work hard during this time by revising maths, Grammar, making sure they are familiar with terms that they might encounter and practising reading at a pace . Please help your child by listening to them read and asking them questions such as  "How did that conversation tell you anything about the characters?"  "Describe the setting to me."......

Enjoy the holidays . 

Mrs Ribbons

 Welcome to 6TR,

The first half term passed in a blur, everything was new both to myself and the children being in Year 6. We have settled into our routine now and are looking forward to this next half term. 

In September Year 6 were lucky enough to attend the first ever World's largest hair Education Day in Westminster. The day gained a World Record  and we were part of it!!! Everyone enjoyed themselves and met many exciting people including a former Miss USA who as well as giving us a message that we should be proud of who we are and we are all individuals, was very funny.


On 27th September was National Fitness Day and we tried to combine doing some exercise with learning French by singing and acting out Head, Shoulders , Knees and Toes in French. We had a girls v boys sing off and I think that it was such a close competition we called it a tie!


Thursday 28th September was National Poetry Day and we celebrated this by listening to a Poem written by Roald Dahl and then  creating our own Philosophical Poems connected to RE. We used questions to do this such as " Who put salt in the Sea?",  Where do colours come from?", "Will the Earth cease to exist and who will be the last person living?"


We spent the night on HMS Belfast, a night with such a bright moon- London looked very beautiful. We had lots of fun and learnt lots , making our own signalling flags and lots more.


Year 6 took a local trip to Dagenham Park Church of England School and while there were treated to some drama and music from pupils, some of whom came to Marsh Green. The children then took part in workshops including an exciting science one learning about chemicals and what happens when they react with other things.


We have had Marvelous Maths and Family Friday sessions but unfortunately have not seen many of our parents. We would love you to come to the next ones if you can . They will be Marvelous Maths, 20th November and Family Friday on November 24th. Hope to see you then.


In the mean time , the children are having to work very hard due to this being such an important year. Please remember to help them by listening to them read at least 3 times each week and signing thier reading records. Spellings are given every week and both English and maths homework, some to be completed on the computer and some on paper to be returned in their Homework books. Working as partners we will help the children to realise their true potentials and achieve the best results they can.

Many thanks  Mrs T. Ribbons

Easter bonnet Parade Thursday March 29th

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