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Mrs Winkler

A huge, happy hello to the sizzle, the sunshine and the showers of the Summer Term.

Welcome Back everyone!

Mrs Winkler



In Science we are learning about the digestive system.

Watch out! We know how to make pooh!

Spring Term

So much happens during the Spring term and before you realise it - 'It's Easter'!

Hi Everyone!

Half of the Spring Term is already behind us.

Can you believe it?

We visited The Imperial War Museum to find out more about WW2. It was great fun and really interesting.

We have been learning about 'Sound' in our Science lessons.

Using bottles filled with different amounts of water we were able to change the pitch of a sound. We were able to create the same effect with elastic bands around food containers.

Happy New Year Everyone!

I cannot believe that we have already begun a new term and a new year.

Time definitely waits for no one!


2018 ... Ready or not ... Here we are!


Ready for hard work.

Ready for new learning challenges.

And of course...

Ready for lots of fun.


Our first Class trip of the year is almost upon us. It is a visit to 'The Imperial War Museum' in London. 

Mums and Dads we need you. Please see me if you can help.

The Class and I are really looking forward to the trip and as you know, we have already begun our learning about WW2.


Mrs Winkler



Autumn Term was over in a blink!

Winter Carol - piano

Winter Carol - Words

I wish it could be Christmas everyday - words

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - backing

What Christmas means to me - backing

What Christmas means to me -words

Welcome to Year 4TW


I can hardly believe that we have completed an entire half term already!


Together we have settled into the new school year and we continue to work hard on our learning.

We have welcomed our parents for Family Friday and Marvellous Maths Monday, made friends with a new class member and enjoyed a fun day out at Valence house Museum marking the completion of our work on 'The Vikings'.


Enjoy a lovely half term break and we will continue our learning with a new focus in all subjects when we return.


Mrs Winkler




Valence House Museum Class Visit

Science Fun - Electricity

Year 4 Have Talent
We have enjoyed a great unit of work on Edward Munch's famous painting of The Scream.

We are proud of our work.

Hello Everyone.


Welcome back to the start of a new term. Wow! I cannot believe that we are now in 2018!


Happy New Year to you all!

We have a really busy term ahead with lots of hard work but a lot of fun activities planned as well.


Mrs Winkler