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Some of the children expressed an interest in making popcorn with their friends as they had never made it before.  They loved listening to the popcorn popping!  We tried sugary popcorn, salted popcorn and chocolate popcorn.  Then they filled up their cup with their favourite kind to take home!

Join us for Marvellous Maths Monday!

This week we have been learning about transporting items to building sites and learning about being safe.  We went to look at the building site at school where the new office is being built.  

The children enjoyed looking for different signs at the building site and were able to talk about needing to be careful and wearing a builders hat to keep them safe.  We then looked through our book about different vehicles used at building sites called 'Dig Dig Digging' and talked about what we had seen at the site.  


Thank you to all the parents who came on our bus trip.  Without you, our trips could not happen!


The children really enjoyed their bus trip this week.  We went to Barking on the 287 bus and played on the green.  The children loved getting on the bus and climbing the stairs to the top deck!  They found it fascinating to look out of the windows together and talk about what they could see.  The parents were given cameras to take pictures during the trip and allowed the children to take some photos too.


Once we got to the park we had a snack and then played some fun parachute games with our parents before we set off home again.


All the children behaved excellently and were very sensible when walking by the roadside and when waiting patiently for the bus.


Well done Nursery!

Fire drill

On Friday 22nd April we had a fire drill at school. I was so happy with the way Nursery behaved with the rest of the school when lining up! They listened well to instructions and were very patient to wait outside. Lots of other members of staff commented on how well they had behaved. I was so proud of them! In the photo you can see the children with their medals and smarties for being superstars!


The children enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day at school.  They worked very hard making cards for their Mummies.  They also made presents for their Mummies.  It took lots of patience making the bracelets and choosing which beads to put on.  They then had to learn some new songs for our Mother's Day party!  They have been very busy!

What our Mummies do for us...

On 10th February we celebrated our 100th day at school! We all wore t-shirts that we decorated at home with 100 things. Then at Nursery we had lots of challenges such as building with 100 cups, making 100 day hats and making necklaces and bracelets with 100 beads!

Kung hei fat choy!

The children enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year today. They tried lots of different Chinese food including noodles, stir fried vegetables, prawn crackers, spring rolls and egg fried rice. Some children tried the sweet chilli sauce too! We learnt about the origins of the Chinese New Year story and how this year is the year of the monkey.

The Nursery children really enjoyed learning about road safety this week.  They were able to tell us that you need to "stop, look and listen!" when you get to a road and check before you cross.  

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Our topic this term is 'People who help us'.  We have been learning about Doctors which the children found really fun!  I think we have lots of future medical professionals in Nursery!  They certainly took good care of Mrs Rafter and Mrs Barker!

A visit from Father Christmas!

Father Christmas came to visit us!  Here are the class pictures.  If you would like to see the individual photos, please have a look at the EYFS page.
Thank you very much to everyone who brought in food for the Christmas party.  The children had a lovely time as you can see!  They enjoyed their dancing and playing with the balloons.  The Christmas crackers were a highlight too.  Miss Hart really enjoyed the jokes inside the crackers!

Christmas Singing!

We hope you enjoyed our singing!  We have been practicing very hard learning all the words.  We would like to thank all the parents and family members who came to listen to the singing and who joined in!  Who knew we had such talented parents? smiley
This half term our topic is 'winter and celebrations'.  We have been learning about different festivals and religions.  We made some diva lamps to celebrate Divali.  We used clay and then scored different patterns using some tools.  Once they were dry we painted them.  Then we were able to take them home to show our families!

Our first half term in Nursery!