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Father's Day Sing-a-long

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Morning nursery

Father's Day Sing-a-long

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Afternoon nursery
Sports Day with reception was fun. There are more photo's on the class pages for reception.
We read the story together and the children retold the story using pictures. In the story, the animals eat pineapple, mango, passion fruit, tangerines, banana and avocado. Do you know what these fruits all look like, feel like and taste like? All the children had a chance to find out. Then we acted out the story with the children as the characters. The children have learnt about the world, developed their communication and reading skills and had lots of fun!
Cutting fruit was difficult, but the children tried very hard and made a lovely fruit salad.
We made Easter nests by melting chocolate and then mixing in Shredded Wheat. I hope they tasted good!

Mothers Day sing-a-long.

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Morning nursery.
Just a taster in case you missed it!

afternoon nursery

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We talked about healthy food and thought of healthy things to put in our sandwich. The children could choose tomato, cucumber and cress. We grew the cress in the nursery. It tasted delicious!
The children dressed up for World Book Day. We enjoyed the school parade, an assembly, a story teller and reading with year 4. We also did lots of activities about the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."
We all tried pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. The children could choose honey, lemon and sugar, chocolate spread or strawberry sauce on their pancake. Which would you choose?
The nursery children had great fun in the hall, pretending to be superheroes and showing their skills at balancing, climbing and jumping.
The children helped to cut up fruit and then chose the fruits they liked the best to make a fruit kebab. They were delicious!

The Christmas Performance

Look how hard the children worked, rehearsing and performing their songs for the Christmas performance. They all joined in singing and and dancing - stars of the future!
The nursery children go outside every day. There is lots to do. 
We read to the children every day and encourage them to look at books independently and together with their friends. Don't forget, we have library every Wednesday, where you can choose a book to take home and read with your child.

All the children settled quickly into nursery and are having great fun exploring all the activities on offer.