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Stereo Hearts - Lyrics

Stereo Hearts

Stereo Hearts - Performance Track

Stereo hearts (rehearsal track - voice 1).mp3

Stereo Hearts - Part One

Stereo hearts (rehearsal track - voice 2).mp3

Stereo Hearts - Part 2

Stereo hearts (rehearsal track - voice 3).mp3

Stereo Hearts - Part 3

Lean on Me - Lyrics

Lean on Me - Performance Track

Lean on Me - Harmony

One Love - Lyrics

One Love - Full Performance Track

One Love - Group 1 Melody Chorus

One Love - Group 2 High Harmony

One Love - Group 3 Low Harmony

One Love - Verse 1 (Small Group)

One Love - Verse 2, Sarah and Dara

One and a Million - Lyrics

One and a Million