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The Power of Earth -Earthquakes!


LI: To know of other natural disasters and identify the human and physical impact.


This week you have already learned about the structure of Earth and how volcanoes are formed.  Today you will learn about earthquakes!  Watch the videos and then answer the following questions.

Now you have watched the videos, answer the following questions using full sentence answers:


What are the four stages of a convection current?

Where do the tectonic plates sit?

Why do tectonic plates move?

What causes an earthquake?

What is a fault line?

What is the name of the point where the rock breaks?

What is an epicentre?

What impact can a large earthquake have on people, their possessions and the landscape?




Research the role of a seismologist.  What do they do?  How do they do this job, do they have special equipment to use, do they work in a laboratory?  What knowledge would you need to have to be a seismologist?   Design a job advertisement for a seismologist.  Look at the example below to help you.