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Thursday 21.1.21


Thursday 21st January 2021

LI: To be able to use descriptive vocabulary to describe the setting for a story.



setting is where and when a story is set. For example, in a forest, in a castle, at school or in space.

Have you ever wondered about where dragons live / lived?

They usually live in wet, damp places, far away from towns and cities where they won't be disturbed. Usually their home is in some sort of isolated cave and sometimes an abandoned castle, which they sometimes mistake for an old cave.


Success Criteria

Write a sentence about -

  • the time of day (day-time or night-time).
  • the weather (cold and wet OR scorching hot)

  • include sentences about what can be seen, heard, smelt, touched (senses)

  • How does the characters behave in the setting? (e.g. hiding in the dark)
  • Use your own similes ( cold as snow on my face)

Teacher's Model

The warm afternoon sunshine was soon forgotten as I cautiously entered the damp, dark cave.  Musty air, rotten food and  smoke filled my nostrils and made me cough. I was amazed by the high ceiling and the smooth walls of the cave (probably smooth from the dragon's body that had scraped it's sides). Coins, jewels and precious metals were scattered on the floor. The sudden sound of a tail or could it be a foot dragging, alerted me to the danger that I was now in. I stood as still as a deer's gaze in headlights... hardly daring to breathe.


Lesson Task -