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World Religion Day

World Religion Day is celebrated every January on the third Sunday of the month. The aim of World Religion Day is to promote understanding and peace between all religions, encouraging people to learn about other faiths and their followers. 


How is World Religion Day Celebrated?

World Religion Day is celebrated in a variety of ways. Many people will attend special services which centre around respecting other religions and reflecting on the universal message of the six main religions: treating each other with respect and understanding to create a better world for everyone. 


What Are The Six Major Religions?

The six major religions of the world are Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Sikhism. These are the most widely practised religions in the world. Nearly seventy-five per cent of the world practices one of these six religions. World Religion Day seeks to emphasise the similarities between these religions, and the role religion has played in uniting people across the planet. 


Watch these short, exciting video clips to find out about a religion that you do not know a lot about. Each video is between 1 and 2 minutes long.


Please choose from one or more of the following activities.