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The End of

the Kingdom of Benin


This week, Year 6 will be concluding their study of the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.  They will be creating a leaflet full of all the key information they have discovered on their journey into the past.  We cannot wait to see their final creations as they work with such care and detail.

Creating our leaflets whilst listening to calming African music!

Collaging African Animals

Debating - Should animals be hunted?

Justifying our opinions


Today we began to create our African print designs - look how good they are!  They will soon be on display outside our classroom.  

Investigating Mark Making for Printing 

Understanding Life in the Kingdom of Benin


We have a collection of non-fiction texts from the project loan library.  We are using our research skills to identify life in the Ancient Kingdom of Benin. 

6NB Researching with a Partner

Martin Bulinya Art

Visit this website to discover more about Martin Bulinya

The Ancient Kingdom of Benin


Our topic this term will be about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin - we will be looking at life in this ancient civilisation.   We will be looking at African art and the animals of Africa too - linking our topic to science and modern day Africa. 

Click here to find out more about the Kingdom of Benin.