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Collaging African Animals

Debating - Should animals be hunted?

Justifying our opinions

Today we began to create our African print designs - look how good they are!  They will soon be on display outside our classroom.  

Investigating Mark Making for Printing 

Understanding Life in the Kingdom of Benin

We have a collection of non-fiction texts from the project loan library.  We are using our research skills to identify life in the Ancient Kingdom of Benin. 

6NB Researching with a Partner

Martin Bulinya Art

Visit this website to discover more about Martin Bulinya

The Ancient Kingdom of Benin

Our topic this term will be about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin - we will be looking at life in this ancient civilisation.   We will be looking at African art and the animals of Africa too - linking our topic to science and modern day Africa. 

Click here to find out more about the Kingdom of Benin.