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Rainforest Adventures 

10.3.21 - To identify different places in the U.K.

We shared our favourite seaside destinations in the U.K.

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9.3.21- To identify different places in the U.K.

Worries and Fears! 

17.12.20 Today we recapped our knowledge of fire safety and had a visit from Mr Smith who helped us recreate the Great Fire of London!

🎵 London’s burning, London’s burning! Fetch the engines, fetch the engines...

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Friday 11.12.20 - Year 2 - Observational Drawing of a Tudor House from the Great Fire of London

01.12.20 We used paper to create collages of London in 1666

London’s burning singalong 🎶

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20.11.20 Today we designed and created Tudor houses ✂️📦✏️

19.11.20 To explore materials and absorbency 💧 🥼

10.11.20 Today we made worry dolls ! 🧦✂️🧵

03.11.20 Why is fire important?

14.10.20 How do you make shadows?

08.10.20 Naming and identifying different materials 🥼🥽

06.10.20 Are you afraid of the dark? 🔦💡🕯

Superb descriptive writing in Year 2 all about what is under the sea 🌊 🦈 🐙 🐠 🐟

Tasting Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 shortbread and trying to find the Loch Ness Monster this afternoon.

How many teeth does a shark have?