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LI:  To understand how volcanoes are formed.


Today you will be learning about volcanoes!  You have watched the "Hook" video in English and learned about the layers of Earth. 


Watch the video below. 


Using the information provided, create a diagram of a volcano.  You will need to annotate the different parts of a volcano: magma chamber, vent, crater.  You know how to annotate a diagram as you did this yesterday for your Earth work.

Can you find the answer to this question using the internet?  When is lava called lava, why is it not always referred to as Magma?  

Please send in an image of your volcano.




You could create your own exploding volcano.  Check with a parent first!  See the instructions below.

Or you could make a lava cake - again, check with a parent and ask them to be your assistant chef!