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We all have rights!


In Marsh Green we all know we have rights - every September we gather together and learn about our rights and then vote for our school councillors, discuss and create our class rules. 


LI:  To know what rights we have as children.


What do we mean by the word rights?  Do we mean rights as in correct?  Or do we mean rights as in something you are entitled to?  For example: is it your right to have golden time?  You may think yes it is but actually that is a reward, not a right.  You may think you have the right to go to bed late but actually you need to sleep and go to bed when your parents tell you to - sleep is important for your health, well-being and ability to learn!



Did you know, you can go right back to the time of King John and begin to learn about rights?


Watch the short clip from Horrible Histories and write down why the Barons (the landowners of that time) were unhappy during King John's reign. 

What was the name of the document King John signed in 1215? 

Why was this document so significant and relevant to today?   


At home, create your own Magna Carta.  Ask your family members what rights they think they should have and what rights they think you should have.....everyone must then agree the rights and sign your Magna Carta!   You can make your own scroll, using a piece of paper, write the rights on the scroll and then using a cold tea-bag, dab the scroll to make it look like it is hundreds of years old.  Please send in a picture so we can add this to the web. 


Read the link at the bottom to find out more about the Magna Carta.