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LI: To be able to write an effective end paragraph (conclusion). 


Yesterday you worked on writing an effective opening. Today, you will write an effective conclusion. Look at the example of the conclusion below - do you think it is any good?  If you think it is good, what makes it a good conclusion?  But do you think it should be better?  


A conclusion should summarise the main points of the whole report without repeating all the same information.   It should link back to the whole purpose of the report and link the reader back to the introduction eg:


As a result of your journey into the past, you have discovered the many wonders of the Ancient Greek civilisation - a culture that remains with us today in so many ways. 


Here is an example of a conclusion:


The purpose of this report was to inform you about Ancient Greece.


Does this end the Ancient Greek report in a good way?  Does it summaries the knowledge in the report?  No.


Write your own conclusion that would summarise the Ancient Greek report we have been looking at.  In a conclusion, you can add your own opinion. 


Remember, when you have finished writing you must proof-read your work, just as you would do in class.  Check your spellings, your punctuation and your overall presentation.  It is an expectation that written work should be joined.