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Maths - 3D Shapes - BBC Bitesize

Today we are learning to identify and name 3D shapes.

3D shapes are not flat shapes, they are solid shapes like a football or an ice cube. Can you make yourself into a 3D shape? Can you find everyday objects around the house that are cylinder or cuboid shapes?

Learning Challenge- Hook Lesson - Let's visit the rainforest!

Still image for this video
What do you already know about the rainforest? Can you name a rainforest? How would we travel to the rainforest? What can you see or hear in the video?

Don’t worry if you don’t have any facts, this is a brand new topic, you will be able to give lots of information by the end of the term!

What would you like to find out about the rainforest?

Write as many questions as you can. Hopefully, we will be able to answer them by the end of the term.