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Learning Wonders Activity.


LI: To understand the importance of water to us and Earth.


Read the information provided.  


What facts can you identify from the website?  Think of how we use water on a daily basis? How often do we use water? For what purposes do we use water?  Keep a log (record) of all the time you see water being used in your house - it will be more than you imagine!   Once you have kept a water log, consider if water is being wasted and ways to preserve water.   How would you persuade people to use water wisely - you could write a persuasive speech or create a leaflet about the importance of water.   You made leaflets last term for the Ancient Kingdom of Benin. 

Ruth’s Importance of Water

Well done Ruth.  It’s lovely to see the work you are doing at home - as usual the quality of work is to a high standard!   I hope you are keeping well!  Love Mrs Bell