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Music Festival Fun 2019!!!

Random Fun Times!

As a reward for winning the 'Phase Board Competition ' (see below), Year 5 and 6 went on an amazing trip to Hollywood Bowl. 


'I felt really proud when bowling because I came second out of my group' - Dante

'It was really fun to go bowling with my friends and I would love to do it again' - MJ 

Year 5/6 Bowling Fun!

Year 5 Music Concert

Still image for this video

Year 5/6's Fabulous Phase Board

Kew Gardens 11.06.19

Dagenham Park Music Club

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David and Deborah have work hard alongside their peers to put this band together and produce a brilliant piece.

Family Friday 03.05.19

Showing Off Our Skills at the Summer Talent Show!

Guitar Lessons

Easter Bonnets

Getting Creative with our Easter Cards


Family Friday 08.03.19

01.03.19 - Investigating Soluble and Insoluble Materials

10 Day Fitness Challenge

Non-uniform 13.02.19

Science Experiment - Investigating thermal insulators and conductors

Family Friday 01.02.19

Marvellous Maths 21.01.19

Christmas Jumper Day & Christmas Lunch

In Year 5 we have been learning about ‘Forces’. This week we did an experiment to test the effects of water resistance. The children got the chance to design, create and race their own boats!


Our boat came third place. We have learnt that the design was not effective and that our boat needed to streamlined, and the base needs to wide. Rayan and Deni


Our boat took 7 seconds to cross the water tray. We WON the race! Our boat was streamlined and the front was pointed. It also had a wooden base. This helped our boat to fight against the water resistance and travel at a good speed – Jake, Deborah, Nikolaos, Maria and Paul.

We created 'freeze frames' to represent the different types of bullying. Can you guess which picture represents which type?

19.11.18 Marvellous Maths

We are having great fun learning how to play the guitar!

08.10.18 Marvellous Maths Monday