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People Who Help Us!

At the moment, we are all super thankful for our real-life heroes! All those people we learnt about last term; nurses, doctors, midwives, police, fire-fighters... who are all helping to keep us all safe and well during this time.

Here are some fun colouring in pictures you could do and put in your windows to show your thankful, next to your beautiful rainbows! heart


Have fun! 

Let's get creative!

At home, we can continue to show off our creativity skills using whatever resources we are lucky to have at home. 


  • Can you draw a picture?
  • Can you design a healthy lunch and then make it with your family?
  • Can you paint a picture?
  • Can you make a junk model? Junk model a character or item from a story you've read!
  • Can you make a model out of playdough?

Some ideas of how to get arty at home...

Make some playdough!

Here is a simple recipe of how to make playdough at home! Let's get creative...