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Welcome to Early Years

Welcome to Marsh Green Early Years website, which we hope will give you a flavour of the day to day life of our happy, successful early years setting.  At Marsh Green, our ethos is based upon British Values, which promotes strong self -esteem, enjoyment, high expectations of achievement, respect and equality for all.  We do this within a caring, vibrant and supportive environment.


Our dedicated early years team are passionate about making each day of your child’s learning journey engaging, supportive and productive, and nurturing every pupil with the skills, knowledge, confidence and resilience to feel they are capable of achieving great things, everyday!


We provide a carefully planned, broad, balanced curriculum, which seeks to develop their academic, physical and emotional development, through play based experiences. There are also many ways to support your child’s learning journey at home, for example by reading with them at least three times a week, counting various items in your house, to develop number skills, supporting your child to write by mark making and encouraging them to write their name in full. Listed below are some useful websites which you can use at home to help your children learn and grow.


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We are loving our new Busy Builders topic! 09.03.20

World Book Day 04.03.20

We had so much fun on World Book Day dressing up as our favourite characters! We read Hansel and Gretel as a class and did lots of work based around the story... We loved learning all about a new book. In the afternoon, we were able to read with Year 5 children and show them how amazing we are at reading. Super fun!


We love Shrove Tuesday! 25.02.20

Today we learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and why Christians celebrate it. We had lots of fun making pancakes with all the different ingredients. They were super yummy!

We met real life superheroes! 11.02.20

We were super lucky today and were able to meet real life superheroes. Firemen from the London Fire Brigade came to visit Marsh Green. They told us all about their jobs, what they have to wear and all about their fire engine. We even got to use their hose.. We had lots of fun!


Smoothie Time! 31.01.20

This week we have been talking about healthy and unhealthy foods. We know that superheroes have to stay fit and healthy with all of their training and what they eat... So we decided to make a superhero super healthy smoothie. We made it yummy using fruit, yoghurt and a blender... It was delicious! We even had a go at chopping the fruit up ourselves... So much fun!

Family Friday Fun! 31.01.20

It was wonderful to see so many parents at our Family Friday Fun.  See you all next time!

We made Supertato! 29.01.20

Our core text this week is called Supertato! He is a cool superhero who fights off the villain... Evil Pea! We have had lots of fun reading this story and thoroughly enjoyed creating our own Supertatos in class.

Ryan Scott Visited School! 29.01.20

The Olympic sprinter, Ryan Scott, visited our school. We were lucky enough to exercise with him in the hall and then we watched an inspirational assembly led by him. We had so much fun... We LOVE exercising!


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Lots of energy!

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Oluwole and Elise took part in assembly!

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Superheroes Super Healthy Pea Soup! 22.01.20

Our core text this week is called "Super Daisy". Daisy had to save Planet Earth from colliding with Planet Pea or else everything would be covered in peas. We know that every superhero needs to eat healthy food and today we made pea soup and all had a taste!

Marvellous Maths Monday 20.01.20

We built our very own superhero obstacle course! 17.01.20

The children experimented with different ways of moving and negotiating space to work their way through our obstacle course. The children were very excited learning about how many exercises a superhero needs to do to keep fit, in order to save the world. There was lots of jumping, skipping, balancing, hopping and stretching!

Charlie and his Superhero Underpants! 15.01.20

Our core text this week was 'Charlie and his Superhero Underpants'. The children enjoyed learning about Charlie's suphero powers and had a go at designing their own superhero underpants. We talked about the different powers superheroes could have and what the children would like to be able to do if they were superheroes.

Superheroes taking a pose! 10.01.20

This week we introduced our new topic, Superheroes! The children were all very excited and could not wait to make their own superhero gadgets. We made various things including superhero watches, masks and utility belts. The children enjoyed talking about the different powers that they had with their superhero gadgets!

EYFS Autumn Reflection

Our Fun First Term in Reception!

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We had so much fun at our Christmas Party! 19.12.19

The Orchestra came to school! 18.12.19

Christmas Dinner was yummy! 18.12.19


Marvellous Maths Monday! 18.11.19

Children in Need! 15.11.19

Little Scientists! 06.11.19

In EYFS, we have been investigating the world around us and learning scientific words such as; hard, rough, smooth and soft. We cut the pumpkins in half and used our scientific vocabulary to describe how the pumpkin felt and looked. We also found other things in our garden to feel and describe… We had lots of fun!

Firework Fun! 05.11.19


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We have been learning all about Bonfire Night and fireworks in EYFS. We discussed the sounds that fireworks made then created our own firework dances. We had lots of fun!


Family Friday Fun 18.10.19


We had lots of fun on our first Marvellous Maths Monday! 07.11.19

 Examples of our amazing writing! 02.10.19

EYFS keeping active! 01.10.19

We have been recognising our shapes and numbers in EYFS! 01.10.19

We have had lots of fun in EYFS making our own music! 01.10.19

October - Musical fun!


EYFS having fun settling in! 25.09.19