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Hello Everyone!


Please find below  brand new videos which have been created for Dance, Music and Mindfulness from our wonderfully creative teachers! So have fun being musical with Mathis.  Learn some amazing dance moves with super Shakira and relax with Marishka as she teaches you some fantastic breathing techniques.





EYFS Team 



Lesson #3 Music With Mathis

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Intro & Gong Bath - Chapter 2: 7:18 | Warm up & Call-Response - Chapter 3: 10:42 | Percussion Rhythms - Recap & new rhythms - Listen to t...

Lesson #3 Dance with Shakira

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Warm Up -Chapter 2: 5:50 | Dance Routine #1 Recap -Chapter 3: 7:35 | Dance Routine #1 New Moves -Chapter 4: 21:15 | Dance Routine #2 Recap...

Lesson#3 Mindfulness With Marishka

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Words of affirmation. - Chapter 2: 3:13 | Reading - The snail and the whale. Teaching content created by Marishka Tharani, co-founder at ...


Tyrannosaurus Drip!

Here is another story read to you by Miss Hill. This story is called Tyrannosaurus Drip and it is written by Julia Donaldson.


Can you listen to the story then talk to your family about it...

  • What happened?
  • Where was the story set?
  • Who are the characters?
  • Do you like the story? Why?


There is a worksheet below you can complete if you have a printer at home, if not, just copy out the sentence starters into your books and try to finish the sentences yourselves.


REMEMBER... Capital letters! Finger spaces! Full stops!


There are also some different dinosaur related activities posted below. Please have a go and enjoy! 


We miss you all lots!
Miss Hill smiley x

Tyrannosaurus Drip with Miss Hill

Another fabulous book by Julia Donaldson :)



Mental Health Awareness Week! 

Tomorrow is the start of 'Mental Health Awareness Week' which this year is all about kindness. Lets see if we can all take part in these daily challenges posted below.

We need to make sure we are looking after ourselves and our minds in a variety of ways including: meditation, relaxing music, exercise or even Ms Hatton's fantastic yoga!


Remember to share your activities with us via twitter or email! We always love to see! #KindnessMatters




Be kind! And look after yourselves, 

EYFS Team x



Good Evening!

Another story, perfect for a bedtime story, below from Miss Hill smiley

Ready for Bed with Miss Hill

A book by Jane Johnson. Ideal bedtime story!



We love to rhyme!

Today's challenge is all about rhyming words!! These are words that sound the same.

Below is another YouTube video from Miss Hill reading you the story 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson. Within this story there are lots of rhyming words... Can you spot them as you listen along?

Stick Man read by Miss Hill

Another one of our favourite books in EYFS by Julia Donaldson

Rhyming words are words that sound the same... such as cat and mat, dog and log, brick and kick, sock and lock etc. 


Challenge Time!

Can you list some rhyming words yourself in your exercise book from school?

Try and think of words that rhyme with these below...


  1. Fox
  2. Click
  3. Coin
  4. Coat
  5. High
  6. Chair
  7. Shark
  8. Bat
  9. Jam
  10. Tree


Please send us your completed rhyming words... and any extras you can think of for a SUPER challenge to us on twitter or via email to -


Attached below are also some documents which you can print or visualise on the tablet/laptop/computer to practice rhyming words. There are matching games, bingo and even poems with missing rhyming words! smiley


Have fun! laugh



Hello Everyone!


Please find below  brand new videos which have been created for Dance, Music and Mindfulness from our wonderfully creative teachers! So have fun being musical with Mathis.  Learn some amazing dance moves with super Shakira and relax with Marishka as she teaches you some fantastic breathing techniques.





EYFS Team 

Lesson#2 - Music with Mathis

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Intro - Chapter 2: 00:49 | Gong Bath - Chapter 3: 6:35 | Warm up & Call-Response - Beatboxing - Chapter 4: 15:33 | Percussion Rhythms - R...

Lesson #2 Dance With Shakira

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Dance Routine #1 Recap - Chapter 2: 1:00 | Dance Routine #1 New Moves - Chapter 3: 10:16 | Dance Routine #2 Recap - Chapter 3: 10:48 | Da...

Lesson #2 Mindfulness with Marishka

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Breathing Technique - Mindful Breathing. - Chapter 2: 3:24 | Reading - We Are One. Teaching content created by Marishka Tharani, co-found...



A new story from Miss Hill below.


Who has watched our new maths video? Number bonds to 10? Who had a go at doing some of their own? Who can practice their number bonds up to 15 or 20? Lets have a go, we love a challenge! 

Please show me if you complete any work or activities!


Miss Hill x

Story time with Miss Hill

Quacky-quack-quack! Second story time video :)



Happy VE Day everybody!


I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday and get to enjoy some of the sunshine. What activities are you getting up to today and over the weekend to celebrate VE day? 75 years on from the ending of the 2nd World War.. Wowee!

Have you created any posters or banners for your house, flat or street? Send us a tweet or an email and let us know! smiley


Yesterday, I tried to create a video for you guys for the first time. I am just missing you all so much and especially our story times together, that I thought it would be nice for me to read you a story that you could listen to at home. I hope you enjoy it! Who recognises this story from class? 

I have also uploaded a maths lesson video onto our Maths page to practice counting and number bonds to 10! I hope these are useful.


See you all soon, stay safe & well! laugh

Enjoy your weekend.



Miss Hill x

Story time with Miss Hill!

Lost & Found - first story time video with Miss Hill.



Good Morning!


Yesterday, I went into school with Ms Hatton to look after some children whose parents and carers are key workers - this means they have important jobs and have to still keep going to work... like nurses, carers, delivery drivers, shop workers, Royal Mail workers and teachers.  


We had some fun learning all about 'Victory in Europe Day', otherwise known as VE Day! 

We celebrate this day as a country to represent the ending of World War 2 75 years ago!!! A super long time ago... Before Miss Hill, Miss Mistry and your parents or carers were even born! surprise


We created posters, bunting and banners ready for our party at the end of the week. Can you spot some of your friends from our class...?



Yep... Ektoras, Scarlett and Kaydaybannie!! smiley



On Friday, many people may be having a party to celebrate the war with their families.

What do we need for a party? Decorations, balloons, different types of food...

Can you make a list? You can write it in your exercise book from school!

Remember, when we write a list, we just write one thing on each line.

You could even write an invitation for your party... Who would you invite?


Please send us your fabulous writing and any other activities you get up to this week to celebrate VE Day! I will attach some resources below.


P.S as mentioned in the ParentMail - here is the useful EAL website which provides extra language support for various school topics...



EYFS Team x



Happy Monday Everybody!


I hope we all had a lovely weekend. Have we all seen the fabulous new 30 Day Yoga Challenge from Ms Hatton? I had so much fun testing my yoga skills.. It is safe to say I need some work on my balancing skills! laugh



Here is my first attempt... I would love to see yours! Please send them in to us at smiley

And keep a look out for the daily Yoga videos on our webpages. Did you spot Ms Hatton's special guest on todays video? 


Have fun!


Miss Hill x





Hi Everyone,


We are super excited to introduce a 30 day yoga challenge.

Yoga is such a great exercise for physical health and mental well being.  Click onto the 'Yoga icon' in main menu and have a go!  Send us your pictures of your amazing yoga poses!


Wishing you a lovely day! smiley




Happy Monday everybody!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week.


I hope we are all enjoying the activities from our class page at home. Do not hesitate to contact us via twitter or email as always, if you have any questions.


Firstly, here is a link to a fantastic e-book library where you will find many lovely books for the children to read and enjoy at home. You will spot many favourites such as Biff, Chip and Kipper.


Secondly, below is a link to a lovely e-book I have found all about Coronavirus for children, I think the children will enjoy it!


See you all soon, 
Miss Hill x






Hello Everyone,


Please find below some excellent videos which have been created for Dance, Music and Mindfulness from our wonderful arts teachers!


Enjoy! We will be updating these each week1



EYFS Team smiley



Lesson#1 Mindfulness with Marishka

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Breathing Technique & Gratitude exercise. - Chapter 2: 5:31 | Reading - Happy Town - Chapter 3: 11:06 | Get creative at home. Teaching Co...

Lesson #1 Music with Mathis

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Junk Percussion - Make your own instruments. - Chapter 2: 5:05 | Gong Exercise - Brain break. - Chapter 3: 10:15 | Body Percussion - Call...

Lesson#1 Dance with Shakira to "Don't Worry Be Happy"

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Warm Up - Chapter 2: 6:32 | Dance Routine #1 - Chapter 3: 13:06 | Dance Routine #2 - Chapter 4: 21:52 | Cool Down - Listen to Trap Remix ...





Good Morning everyone!


Below is a link to the 'Oak National Academy'. This is a website which is providing 3 lessons a day (one English, one Maths and one Foundation subject) for the children of all year groups, including Reception! It is a fantastic resource with really useful videos from outstanding teachers across the country. Please check it out and enjoy! Any questions don't hesitate to email us.


Thank you, 

EYFS Team smiley







I hope everyone is well and keeping healthy and safe.  On you tube there are some really fun daily Twinkl phonics games that you could do everyday, along with all the other things that you are doing to keep your brain active and energised.  Check it out and enjoy!  We miss you all and see you soon.



Miss Mistry



Happy Good Friday Everybody!

I hope we have all had a good week at home. Have we all been remembering to wash our hands? Who has enjoyed doing the Easter activities? I loved watching Makayla's video... her Easter nests looked delicious! A big thank you to all the parents who have sent in videos and pictures so far - it makes our days seeing what the children are getting up to.


I found this lovely 'COVID Time Capsule' document which I will attach with this message.

The children can complete with the help of their family - I think it will be a lovely keepsake to look back on... It is suitable for all ages so please use it for other siblings in the household too smiley


Good Friday Challenge! Can you complete the Easter colour by tricky word sheet? Try and read the tricky words without the help of an adult! 


Enjoy your Easter weekend! Stay safe and well.

Say hello to the Children for us! 



Miss Hill x




Good Evening Everybody!


Are we all enjoying the sunshine? It has been so beautiful outside. Miss Hill did a big 4 mile walk this morning to enjoy the weather, and look what she came across...



How fantastic is this rainbow to thank our NHS! Some children have been very busy in this house. Has anyone made a rainbow yet? Send them in to us so we can see how amazing they are smiley


We now have a new page called 'Easter Activities' which will keep us all busy in the lead up to Easter! yes please check it out.

CHALLENGE: Can you watch the videos and write some SUPER sentences about the story of Easter? Remember our non-negotiables... Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


See you all soon, 

Miss Hill and Miss Mistry 




Hello everybody!

Who's ready to start a brand new week of fun activities at home?


Whilst being off school, I have been trying to get better at baking. Yesterday, I made a scrumptious banana bread. You guys could make something similar at home... It's very easy and does not need many ingredients. What do you think of mine?


Here is the recipe I followed;



You could also try making some cookies, cupcakes or cornflake nest cakes. Here are some links to simple recipes below;

Cupcakes -

Cookies -

Cornflake cakes -


Challenge: Once you have cooked or baked something of your choice, could you then explain step by step how you made it? Could you draw pictures or write a list of basic instructions to help someone else? enlightened


Remember to send in any photos of you cooking/baking or your finished products! We would love to see!


See you soon, keep smiling and washing your hands!! smiley

Miss Hill x




Happy Saturday!


Just checking in to make sure we're all still washing our hands? If we keep washing our hands, it'll help ensure we all stay nice and healthy.


Here is a fun song to remind us how to do it properly! 


Enjoy the sing-a-long! laugh

Washing Your Hands Song | CBeebies House




Good morning everybody!
I hope we are staying safe and healthy!


I saw something yesterday on the internet and thought how much fun it would be for you guys to do these at home.

There are different 'hunts' you can complete around your home... Here are a few different ideas to keep you busy... Plenty to choose from! smiley






CHALLENGE: Can you draw a picture of something you have found and write a sentence about it? Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!
GO GO GO laugh


Hope you enjoy these and have fun!


See you soon, 

Miss Hill and Miss Mistry x





Rainbows for the NHS!


Have you spotted any beautiful around your neighbourhood? Lots of children are creating their own rainbow to add a bit of brightness and happiness to their days, so that when people walk or drive past and see... It makes them happy!


Have you created your own rainbow yet? Here is mine (Miss Hill) and Miss Hatton's at our house... What do you think?



Let's see you have a go yourself! You're all wonderful artists! 


Remember we love to see your creations too, please send them to @Marsh_Green1 on twitter or!




Hello Everybody! 


Miss Hill here! Although we are not in school at the moment, I hope we are all still having fun and learning at home. I'm sure you are all missing school as much as me.


This week, I have been in school with some children because their mummy and daddy still have to go to work.

We have been having lots of fun doing Joe Wick's workout at 9am! Have you been doing it at home too?

Scarlett WOW'ed me with her reading yesterday, I hope you're all still trying hard to learn your tricky words and read some fantastic books to your family.



Have we been trying any new skills or hobbies? I bought myself a new colouring book and some pencils. What do you think of my colouring? I think you guys can colour better than me? Let's see you having a go!


Please send any of your new creations/activities/hobbies/pictures to @Marsh_Green1 on twitter for us to see!



See you soon and miss you all, 
Miss Hill x