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Being Creative

Whether it is becoming an artist, baker or dancer etc. - let's all get creative!


Here are 66 baking recipes for children:



You could collect items and make notes to put in a 'Time Capsule' that remind you of what we were doing as a country to all pull together through this difficult and testing time and when you're older, you could open it and see what you put in it as a reminder of the global pandemic that we are all experiencing right now in 2020.  


If you have a sibling at home with you too, why not create your own version of a news report where you could create it, present it and interview each other too, just like on the TV.  


Write a letter to yourself - tell yourself your age, who your friends are, your favourite TV show/song/music/hobbies/book etc.  Write about what is happening in your own words.  Tell your future self how you feel as you are writing the letter.  Tell yourself what you would like to be when you are older and 5 things that you would like to achieve as you grow up.  Then, seal it and keep it safe so you can open it when you are an adult and then read it back to yourself.  

Here are 13 ideas to help you get creative: 


Grow things

Growing is possible for anyone, even for those without a huge garden or a vegetable patch.

Planting seeds in soil is a fun activity in itself but it will also create a long term project.


Look for shapes in the clouds

If you’re exhausted from running around after your kids all day, this could be the perfect way to give yourself a break.


Make a nature documentary

Use a real or imaginary camera to direct an Attenborough-style documentary - who knows what you might come across!


Treasure hunt

With a little planning, send your kids on a treasure hunt around the garden.

Stain a homemade map with coffee and scorch the edges to make it extra effective.


Paint rocks

Any painting activity will do but change things up by painting rocks to transform them into animals such as ladybirds or tortoises.


Make a birdfeeder

There are plenty of ways to make a birdfeeder using items that can be found around the house.

Coating a pinecone with a mixture of butter and seeds and hanging it on a tree using string is one easy option.


Leaf rubbing

Use leaves found around your garden to make art.

Place the leaves under a sheet of coloured A3 paper and rub wax crayons over each leaf until you can see the impression emerge.


Obstacle course

Use objects from around the house like skipping ropes, boxes and hula-hoops, and an egg and spoon to create a course.

Building the course will be a fun project in itself.


Picnic in the garden

When the sun is out, take a blanket outside and some healthy finger foods to make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin D.

It could even be worth bringing out the barbeque.


Homemade bubbles

Instead of buying bubbles from the shop, make it into an arts and crafts project.

Bubble solution can be made from as little as warm water, sugar and dish soap.

You can also make a DIY bubble wand using pipe cleaners and beads.


Tie-dye shirts

You don’t need to buy a kit for this, you just need some Sharpie pens, rubbing alcohol and a spare plain t-shirt.



There are plenty of apps available for iPhones and Android devices to help you identify planets, stars and constellations on a clear night. Or, if you don't need the aid of these, simply take the children into the garden before bedtime and pass on your knowledge


Decorating eggs

Either hard-boiled or hand-blown, there are plenty of tips on how to decorate eggs this Easter online