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17.5.21 We have been learning to plan an alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood. We also acted out this story using a variety of props.

14.5.21 We have been using a variety of punctuation marks to write Fairy Tales and simple sentences.

7.5.21 Today we transformed our classroom into a jungle and described it using adjectives. Then we described our own Fairy Tale settings using adjectives in our books.

27.4.21 We have been designing, sketching and painting our own Fairy Tale settings

23.4.21 We love to read in Year 1!

22.4.21 Fairy Tale activities: Reading, painting role play and many more!

21.4.21 We have been orally rehearsing the Fairy Tale “Jack and the beanstalk” using a storymap.

20.4.21 Our new Literacy topic this term is called “Once upon a time” which is about Fairy Tales. Today we looked for clues in the playground to find out which Fairy Tale we will be orally rehearsing this term. Can you guess the Fairy Tale?...

17.03.21 Today we read an acrostic poem about penguins and acted it out with under the sea creatures!

09.03.21 We are learning to orally rehearse an acrostic poem: Elephant

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We are learning to orally rehearse a poem ‘Elephant’.

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08.03.21 Our new genre is acrostic poems. Today we went on a letter hunt to find out what our poem is called. We spelled out elephant then orally rehearsed it.

19.01.21 Following instructions to make a paper hat.

14.01.21 Highlighting the sequential openers.

12.01.21 Today we practised reading and following instructions. We planted a seed and can’t wait to watch it grow.

January 2021


This half term we are learning to write instructions. We have lots of exciting plans for you. 

If you are learning from home click the isolation home learning page (with the picture of the bag) to see your daily learning.

Remember to check back here to see pictures of your friends at school doing the same tasks as you at home.


Take care,

Miss Livesey and Mrs Goko



3.12.20 Today we went on an exciting hunt. We were looking for a....dragon! Then we wrote a recount all about our dragon hunt. What an amazing day!

25.11.20 We have been learning to read, build and write cvc words. Then we wrote cvc sentences!

18.11.20 We have been learning to complete activities in chronological order e.g. washing our hands. This will help us when we write our own recounts!

18.11.20 Here is a video of us orally rehearsing a recount. We hope you like it!

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11.11.20 Mr Smith lost his keys this morning and couldn’t lock up the school! We helped him to find them then wrote a recount of how we helped

9.11.20 We have been reading and writing cvc words !

6.11.20 Today we learnt about present and past tenses, we played matching games.

5.11.20 We have been orally rehearsing a recount using a story map

We have been learning to orally rehearse a recount using this story map!

23.10.20 Our new topic in literacy is Recounts. We went on a bear hunt around the school and then wrote a recount.

4.11.20 Today we had a reading assembly in our classrooms. Two children from 1OG and 1AL won a book because they read 3 times or more and their parents wrote a comment inside their reading diaries. Each winner shared the excitement of the blurb and why their book was chosen. Well done to the super readers!

21.10.20 - Hot Task Party! We wrote our captions then celebrated our successes from this half term 🥳

Our literacy focus for this term is caption writing and we are using a brilliant book called 'Aaaarrgghhhh, spider!' by Lydia Monks. The children are throughly enjoying reading this book and completing activities based around it.

Aaaarrgghh, spider!

All Spider wants is to be a family pet. But the family whose house he lives in are terrified of him. Whenever he tries to show them what a great pet he would...

We have learned four captions about: a spider, boy, girl and dog. Ask to see our recite with actions!

19.10.20 We have been writing captions about our favourite toys using whiteboards

13.10.20 We have been writing captions about parts of the body

06.10.20 Today was a very exciting day our classrooms were decorated with an “under the sea theme”!

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05.10.20 and 6.10.20 We have been learning to write captions about pets

21.09.20 - Aaaarrrrggghhh, Spider!

14.09.20 We are learning all about the author of the term: Jenny Nimmo!

14.09.20 Facts about Jenny Nimmo!

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11.9.20 We have been learning to describe a variety of objects using adjectives

9.9.20 We have been learning to orally rehearse captions using a story map and actions!