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The Power of Earth!


This term we will be looking at the power of Earth by studying natural phenomena such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and more ! We will be researching many physical geographical features and writing non-chronological reports as our main genre this half term.  

Tuesday 5th January 2021


LI: To be able to use figurative language to describe a setting.

Context: A Volcanic Eruption!


Watch the video.  Then write a description of the actual volcanic eruption.  You can write it as if you are there and include your emotions as you fear for your life!   Remember, this happened during Roman times so the language you use to describe events needs to be appropriate- there were no mobile phones in AD 79!  The people of Ancient Rome were not even aware of volcanoes and believed the god Vulcan was angry. Or you could write the report as a volcanologist, explaining to the Emperor of Rome what happened to the town and people of Pompeii.

Here are some words you might like to include: eruption, pyroclastic flow, ash, annihilation, blackened sky, devastation. You can also use the words in the spelling list below.


Ruth’s Home Learning

Learn the spellings and ask to be tested this Friday.  
Write a sentence for each word to show you know how to use the word in the correct context.  These words can be used in your descriptive writing too.


You all have books allocated on Bug Club.  This will be checked regularly to ensure you are reading at home. You can also read your school book and any other books you have at home too.