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Exploring the Enchanting East


This term we will be exploring ancient China and deep diving into the exciting times of the Shang Dynasty. We will retrieve and collate information, explore historical evidence and timelines and answer the big question 'Did the Shang Dynasty really exist?' Our main focus will be to write a non-chronological report about the Shang Dynasty. 


Tuesday 5th January 2021


Watch the video and note down questions you would like answered by the end of the topic (you will need to watch the video a few times). These questions could be answered in your non-chronological report at the end of the term. 


Use the sheet below to give you some prompts for your questions about the Shang Dynasty. Do email us in what you would like to find out if you can.

Can you find the meaning of these words?

- Dynasty


- Archaeologist


- Emperor


- Ancient