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LI:  To be able to skim and scan for key vocabulary.


Using the Ancient Greece information provided Wednesday, practise skimming the text.  This means when you read a piece of information quickly in order to identify the important points.    As a result of skimming, you should be able to tell your parent key information about Ancient Greece.


Using your scanning skills, quickly locate the following words starting from the first paragraph: civilisations, empire, democracy, government, language, Olympus, alphabet, symbols and worship.  How long did that take you to find those words as a result of scanning? 


Using a dictionary - write down the meaning of the words:








LI: To create a fact file.


Using the information provided this week, create an Ancient Greece fact file.  Be creative, you could draw a Greek God and provide facts within the figure, or a Greek Temple and the facts are within the pillars.   Here is an example of a fact file but make yours colourful and eye-grabbing!

Fact File Example

SPAG - Our Changing Language


We use informal language when we are speaking or writing casually to friends, family or people we know well.  We use formal language when we are speaking or writing to someone important, writing a formal report or a person we do not know.


  • Informal: shorter words, words missed out, slang, contractions and incomplete sentences.
  • Formal: careful word choices, polite and respectful language, no contractions and only complete sentences.


Using this information, complete the following activities:

Formal/Informal Activity