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Eye of The Wolf - Daniel Pennac

This half term Year 6 have been looking at fiction.   


" Born worlds apart: a wolf from Alaska and a boy from Africa.........


The wolf has lost nearly everything on his journey to the zoo, including an eye and his beloved pack.  The boy too has lost much and seen many terrible things.  They stand eye to eye on either side of the wolf's enclosure and, slowly, each makes his own extraordinary story known to the other....."


Master Storytell Daniel Pennac weaves a tale that is magical, mysterious and utterly unforgettable.  Look into the Eye of the Wolf and you will be captivated.


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed this text and if you would like to read it, please ask your child to log onto their active learn account where I have allocated the whole text. 


Here are some images of our work.    

We used the drama strategy of "conscience alley" to help us empathise with how the characters were feeling.  Look how happy we are - we love learning in Year 6 NB.

Non-Fiction Texts


This half term we are looking at non-fiction texts and our context is a non-chronological report about saving the people of Pompeii from the unpredictable Mount Vesuvius!


We have already looked at the features of non-chronological reports and transferred our notes into prose.   We have drawn scientific diagrams of volcanoes and annotated them.


We have even been creative by painting or collaging our own volcanoes.



Children of Winter


"Catherine and her family are out for a walk when a sudden storm blows up.  The children take shelter in a deserted barn which seems strangely familiar, although they have never been there before.  As the daylight fades, Catherine senses the secrets of the surrounding hills press in upon her, secrets from another, older time."


Year 6 have been reading this story set in the 17th Century, at the time of the Great Plague.  They have written persuasive letters, diary entries, stories and reports. 


Taiwo's persuasive letter (using dialect of the time)


Dear Tebbutt Children,


I am writing to persuade thee to let me, your dear friend Clem, into my barn.


I beseech thee to let me into my barn. Does thee want me to die in the cold? Does thee remember us playing in the fields with my lambs, little shepherds? I entreat thee to let me in. 


I know for sure I do not have the plague, tis just a simple cold or flu.  I did not see anyone. The land was like a wasteland, nothing to be found.


I am a family friend, I have been with thee since thee were little bairns.  Trust me, I do not have the plague.


Furthermore, I have taught thee tricks and skills with potatoes and more.  Tis time to do me a favour.  I implore thee to let me in and do not leave me in the treacherous hands of winter.


Catherine, thee knows it is the right thing to do and thee knows it!  Please just help me - it will not kill thee just to help.  You are kind children, you always help, so help me I beg.  Do not let me suffer.  You are kind and religious children and God bless thee for it.


If thee doesn't help me, you would feel an endless emotion of guilt!  Please do the right thing, I know you have it in your heart to make the right choice. 


For the very last time, let me in and please do not let me die of starvation. I beg!


From your family friend, Clem. 

At the end of every unit, the children have to write a "hot task".  The purpose of this is to demonstrate the progress they have made at the end of every writing genre. 


Tesleem's Hot Task - Children of Winter


Under the marine,blue sky,there stood Father Tebbutt knowing that today was the day he would see his precious children again.  Winter had passed and Spring had come. The leaves had grown back on the bare trees and were dancing in the fragrant breeze.  Snow drops ( a type of flower) were spread all over the hardened ground and the sound of the trickle stream could lull a baby to sleep.  He had been away for so long, he had forgotten how beautiful the village could become.


Father Tebbutt's heart was beating as rapidly as a lightning bolt, descending to Earth.  He stepped over the stepping stones in fearful anticipation.  It was sheer luck that he had survived the worst of the plague, but had his beloved bains had the same fate as him?  " What has become of thy children?" Dad muttered to himself. 


Slowly, the father of the three children approached the barn where his wife told him his angels lay.  Father Tebbutt would be so proud if his children made it on their own in this time of suffering, but what if......what if only one or two of his family were alive - not all of them.   He knocked on the door of the barn and shouted, "It's they father, the plague is over!".   Then he heard footsteps coming towards him, and there, in front of him, stood his three beloved, precious, angelic little children.  He embraced them in a warm hug and what he had prayed for had happened - the Tebbutt family was back together. 

Kensuke's Kingdom


We have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.   


Demonstrating the use of figurative language. 





As the ombre of sapphire skies faded onto the snow-white pillows, the glassy, azure sea crashed onto the land, damping the light brown sand.  Gracefully, the pure water reflected the arrays of geometric shapes overlapping each other.   Wisps of white clouds looked like paint perfectly brushed onto the royal blue canvas; it's like heaven transferred onto the island.  Kingdoms of rocks were covered in jade-green blankets being the main view.  Emerald mountains peacefully sat on the turquoise sea as the sand as fine as talcum powder listened to the soothing splash of the waves.  The wind whistled in the distance.  Grassy mountains of rocks cascaded down one another while the glass dazzled in the paradise.  Gulls like torn pieces of paper collided into the island waiting for more to come......



As the jubilant sun, lights up the sapphire sky, the transparent water opens a doorway to a vibrant new world full of corals and colourful fish.   The turquoise water rushes by creating its own unique pattern - the sand glistens like a million tiny fragments of diamonds washed up across the shore.   Dolphins jump towards their next adventure.  The trees, reach out to heaven and gently wave in the wind.  As the wave opens up its mouth like a whale engulfing its lunch, the wind calls out to those it deems worthy of its secrets. 

In Year 6NB we enjoy debating - which we then transfer into our writing.  


A Balanced Argument by Tangila


" Education is the passport to the future,for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today"  Malcolm X.


Should Michael be taken out of school? This debate will inform you of the reasons if Michael should or should not leave school to sail around the world. 


Some of the reasons Michael should sail the world is because then he can experience the different languages and cultures.  His parents want him to go sailing so he can learn more life skills for example fishing and taking out the guts of the fish.  They also want him to have a bright future by sailing around the world.  When he does go to different places he would meet new people.  


On the other hand, reasons why Michael should remain in school are he will be separated from his friends and family.  When he comes back he may be behind other children (don't you think the family are risking his education?).  When Michael needs medical care he will not have any doctors near by to help him - this could risk his life.


As a result of reading both sides, I cannot decide which one to pick so I am undecided.