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LI:  To be able to present information to an audience about Roman Britain and its continuing influence.


Using all of the information you have now acquired, we would like you to present this information.  This can be in the form of a news report with you as the news reporter.  You could video yourself on your phones presenting the evidence of the Romans influencing Britain today.  You could write a report or create a leaflet - all of which you know how to do as we did this for the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.    


The choice is yours but you must remember some key rules:


Who is your audience?  You need to consider an introduction - which should always state the purpose of the work you are presenting.  If you are doing a written piece of work then you need a title.  If you are creating a leaflet, you need a title, paragraphs, and grab the reader's attention.  You need to include interesting facts.   There are so many skills needed to be a good writer as you know.   


Be as creative as possible and of course you can always do extra.  A mosaic, a model of a Roman God?