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L.I: To be able to use the 'ture' word ending correctly. (All)

L.I: To practice and know the months of the year.


Extra support - Do you know your months of the year? Practice the words on the list using look, cover, say, write and check. Months of the year words can be rather tricky. 


Top tip: you just need to learn how to spell these words by practicing! Think you know them all? why not ask a member of your family to test you. 



LI: To conclude our newspaper article


We have come to the final day of writing. We now need to finish the concluding part of the article. Check out Mrs Johnson's video to see how we do just that. Once completed, use the template provided in todays session resources to write up the whole article into a newspaper format. You can either print off the resource page or draw one freehand (look at the design and use a ruler or something straight to draw the boxes and lines that you need)!

Watch Mrs Johnson's example video!

Today's Lesson Resources


Mrs Johnson’s notes to support your final conclusion


-Remember that we don’t want to tell the reader what actually happened! We need to leave some news for the following day!


-We still want the reader to know that the day’s events are ended. So think about a conclusion sentence that will bring an end to your article.



L.I: Subtract multiples of 10 and 100 from 4-digit numbers. (All)

L.I: Find 10 or more and 10 less than any 2-digit number. (Extra support)



For this activity you will need an object which you can throw and catch, for example a soft ball, and a member of your family to play with. 


Start at 6832, throw the ball to your family member. Once the person catches the ball, they have to say the number that is ten less than the previous number. Then they throw this back to you and you say the ten before that. Keep going until you have both caught the ball ten times each. 


For example, 8539, 8529, 8519, 8509…


Now try 7412, counting backwards in 100s this time. 

Can you count backwards in 100s from 3867?


Extra support - complete this activity but start at 137 and count backwards in 10s, then start at 9 and count up in tens.

Learning Wonder


LI: Weekly Fitness Challenge

To help you  stay active during lockdown London Youth Games are running weekly fitness challenges throughout this term. Week one challenge is speed bounce. A different challenge will be available from 9.00am every Monday.


You can submit your score directly to London Youth Games via the ‘submit your score button’ on  the website link above.

Practise as many times as you want with best score submitted by midday on today!


All 33 London Boroughs will be taking part. Barking and Dagenham will get points for every score submitted. The borough with the most points at the end of the spring term will be the winners!