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Learning Challenge

24.6.21 Creating Fantasy Dioramas

8.6.21 Man on the moon choosing activities

19.5.21 We have been learning to identify and sketch growing plants !

18.5.21 We have been learning to create plant sculptures using playdough / plasticine!

10.5.21 We have been recording and acting out Fairy Tales

15.03.21 We have been learning all about a country in Africa called Egypt

12.03.21 Playing with Safari animals/colouring in pictures of Safari animals and creating our own African prints

11.03.21 -12.03.21 We have been comparing the weather in Africa with the Uk. Today we created a rain gauge and predicted how much rain it would collect.

10.03.21 We have been learning about the weather/four season the UK. Today we created fruit print paintings to represent the summer. They were very bright and colourful!

Spring 2021 - Let’s Go To Africa

This term our topic is called “Let’s go to Africa”. We are having lots of fun learning all about Africa, African Art, culture, people, animals and climate. 

September 2020 


Our first topic is called 'All About Me'. We are having lots of fun learning all about each other and sharing things about ourselves. 

25.11.20 We have been learning to create our own algorithms using Bee-Bots

23.11.20 We have been learning to paint self-portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso

12.11.20 We have been playing in the role play areas: The Doctors surgery and Talent Show area

6.11.20 Our ICT topic this half term is: We are treasure hunters. We will be learning to create and evaluate step by step instructions. Today we learned how to programme a fun and exciting toy called Bee-Bots. It was so much fun!

19.10.20 Our question of the week is: What have I learned this term? We have been reflecting on all of the things we have learned so far... We have also been exploring and developing our talents for the talent show !

06.10.20 Mr Remmer’s dad came to school today. He showed us the toys he played with when he was a little boy. Then we played with the toys. We had an awesome afternoon!

06.10.20 We have been playing our favourite sports games. What a fun afternoon!

05.10.20 - This week is all about pets. We talked about our favourite pets and made pet puppets and split pin pets that moved!

29.09.20 Today Mrs Lawton showed us the toys she used to play with when she was a little girl. Then she taught us some playground games. It was so much fun!

23.09.20 - We have been writing captions about teachers in our school

21.09.20 - This week we are learning all about our school. We have been enjoying role playing teachers and pupils.

16.09.20 Today we went on a walk in our local area. It was so much fun!

14.09.20 - This week we are learning about different styles of homes. We got creative and made our own homes.

14.9.20 This week we created our own homes using a variety of materials outside too!

14.09.20 - We made our faces out of play dough.

11.09.20 - We drew then painted portraits.