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Thursday 7th January 2021

Learning intention: We are learning to sequence pictures and sentences.


Success Criteria

*Look at each picture

*Orally rehearse a sentence for each picture

Use  an action for each picture

*Follow the arrows to help you to retell the story in the correct order

Yesterday, you made your own actions to go with our story map 'How to make a tropical smoothie'. Practise those actions now to remember how to write the instructions.

If you would like to show your teacher send a video of your actions to . 

Tropical Green Smoothie

Today's task is to look at the instructions that are jumbled below. Can you write the sentences and draw the pictures in the correct order?


Success Criteria

  • Read each sentence.
  • Put each picture or sentence in the correct order.
  • Stick each picture or write each sentence into your book.
Challenge- Using the smoothie instructions above, can you now write instructions for washing your hands?