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Mark Making



In nursery children begin the writing process by mark making.  The term 'mark making' refers to the lines, circles, patterns and squiggles that children in early years make with pen, pencils, paint, crayons and so on.  


Mark making is more that just a scribble!  Children learn and begin to make sense of the world through mark making.  It is the beginning of a child's journey towards writing and is an important step in a child's development for handwriting, creativity and co-ordination.  Initially children take pleasure from the physical activity of mark making, but as they develop, they realise that they can control their marks, and their creativity starts to thrive.


Mark making isn't just about using a pen and paper.  Encourage children to create marks in different materials such as a tray of rice, lentils or soil, by running their finger over these items.   Then head outside to a local park and take mark making to the next level! Let them drag a stick through the mud or get creative with colours using a jumbo chalk!