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27.2.20 Counting in multiples of 5

12.2.20 Counting in 2's and Identifying the pattern in even numbers

30.1.20 Identifying and describing 3D shapes

28.01.20 Adding 1 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers and Identifying the pattern

27.01.20 Adding and subtracting 1 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers

16.01.20 Maths games and role play activities

15.01.20 Number bonds to 10

13.01.20 Making 2 digit numbers using beadstrings

06.01.20 - We are learning to make amounts using 10p and 1p.

26.11.19 Measuring objects using standard and non standard units

7.11.19 Ordinal numbers

01.11.19 We are learning to understand teen numbers as 10s and 1s

18.10.19 Estimating and counting objects

07.10.19 Marvellous Maths Monday

04.10.19 We are learning to name, sort and describe 2D shapes

02.10.19 and 3.10.19 We are learning to find 1 less than numbers up to 20 and play maths games

27.9.19 Practising our doubles and creating pictograms

14.09.2019 - We are practising our addition sentences to 20.

6.9.19 We are learning to play a variety of maths games